Summer Baking Championship episode 5: Life’s a sweet beach

Host Jesse Palmer portrait for the beach drink trifles challenge, as seen on Summer Baking Championship, Season 1. photo provided by Food Network
Host Jesse Palmer portrait for the beach drink trifles challenge, as seen on Summer Baking Championship, Season 1. photo provided by Food Network /

While spring time might have brought the love, Summer Baking Championship episode 5 is all about the beach vibes. From cocktail inspired trifles by the shore to luscious cream pies, the fun in the sun is getting sweeter.

Food Network’s Summer Baking Championship has pushed a group of bakers to blend the whimsical visuals with some impeccable flavors. While there may have been a few bumps in the road, the bakers have shined. As Summer Baking Championship episode 5 heads to the beach, these desserts better have the judges smiling from ear to ear.

For the Pre-Heat challenge, the bakers had to create a cocktail inspired trifle in a small beach pail. While the trifle is different from a parfait, the bakers had a difficult balance of shaking up the flavor while also making a picture perfect dessert. The person who could find that balance could be toasting that Main Heat advantage.

While this challenge was influenced by some summer cocktails, the bakers did not have to use alcohol in the dessert. That twist was curious. Although the beverage could be made with or without alcohol, that spirited omission can change the balance in both the cocktail and the dessert.

Overall, the trifles were good. Some layers looked like the bucket was knocked around a few times. The judges were a little uncertain about the cakes being crumbled to make layers. That approach might need to be re-thought for future reference.

After watching all the presentations, it was clear that one baker exceled with both flavor and visually. John’s Strawberry Lime Daiquiri Trifle was the only dessert that had a well-executed inlaid design. Although the judges knew that alcohol was present, that ingredient was not overwhelming. As Carla Hall said, it was a summer yummer. It was a clear winner, even with the curious Tiki Head decor.

For winning the Pre-Heat, John was able to pick his flavor and assign the flavors in the Main Heat in Summer Baking Championship episode 5. Although not necessarily clear, it seemed that he was choosing flavors based on the bakers’ suspected rankings. Giving Alyssa pistachio was clearly an attempt to push her baking skills.

The Main Heat challenge required the bakers to create cream pies. In addition, the twist was that the pie had to have a tempered chocolate decorative element.

Anyone who watches baking competitions understands that pies can be the hardest dessert to accomplish under the time constraints. The fear of a soggy bottom, uneven bakes, and a variety of mis-steps, the bakers might wish for that multi-tiered decorative cake.

Summer Baking Championship episode 5
Judges Damaris Phillips, Duff Goldman, Carla Hall and Host Jesse Palmer portrait, as seen on Summer Baking Championship, Season 1. photo provided by Food Network /

Overall, the Summer Baking Championship episode 5 cream pies were good. With two-hours to complete the challenge, the bakers seemed to stay on track. Although the tempered chocolate twist was meant to rattle them, it seemed to be easy. Some décor pieces were better than others. Still, it was not the huge downfall that maybe was anticipated.

After struggling for several challenges, Yohann made a huge comeback with his lemon chiffon pie. The use of the lemon poppyseed frangipane was a curious choice but it wowed the judges. In addition, the spheres made for an impressive visual. Although this pie was far from the traditional version it worked both in its flavor and in its visual. He was the winner.

The second best cream pie was the cookies and cream pie from Zoe. While her chocolate whipped cream was broken, her tempered chocolate sunglasses were a huge hit. Combined with the chocolate dipped cookies, it was an impressive visual. Even the combination of the peanut butter layer with all the other flavors worked.

The majority of cream pies were middle of the road. There were light, airy components and well-made crusts. Unfortunately, the two bottom bakers were obvious.

Anrika knew that she was having problems during her bake. Although the outside appearance led her to believe that her cream pie was set, it was not the case. As she cut into the pie, it was a sloppy mess. The judges said that it was better eaten with a spoon versus a fork.

Still, her key lime flavors were on point. It might have had technical issues, but it tasted good.

The other bottom baker was Carlos. He also struggled with several components. While he was tasked to make a coconut pie, the mango overpowered the coconut. Combined with an uneven crust and a loose meringue, it was a mess.

Unfortunately, Carlos was sent home on Spring Baking Championship episode 5. Given that he had had several mistakes over the past couple of challenges, it seemed like it was his time to head home.

Summer Baking Championship episode 5 might have served up fun in the sun, but life is not a beach for these bakers. They will be back for more challenges on the next episode.

New episode of Summer Baking Championship air Monday nights on Food Network at 9 p.m. or can be streamed on MAX.