Room service trends give a glimpse into guests’ food ordering pleasures

Room service trends, food delivery via canoe, photo provided by Expedia
Room service trends, food delivery via canoe, photo provided by Expedia /

Stepping away from the daily grind can be a welcome respite. Whether it is a relaxing getaway, a picturesque locale, or a jammed packed adventure, the reality is that the hotel room escape has people acting a little differently. In a recent report from, a few room service trends might be more surprising food requests than anyone had anticipated.

Staying at a hotel is usually far different than the daily life. Why no one is saying jump on the bed or use 10 towels with that shower, but some of the rules may not apply. It can be permissible to have that cookie in bed while watching a movie or maybe it is fine to have a slice of cake for breakfast. Those little indulgences can be the moment that makes vacation memories even sweeter.

In the recent Room Service Report, the room service trends findings were both interesting and slightly baffling. Although the idea of “diet” water might have a few people scratching their heads, many properties are willing to go the extra mile for their guests. Whether it is butter shaped like a Lego or melted ice cream, the reality is that hotels who strive to achieve every wish will earn guests’ praise, and potentially their loyalty.

Room service trends Bora Bora food delivery via canoe
Room service trends, food delivery via canoe, photo provided by Expedia /

According to, the most unusual room service requests are:

1. Diet water

2. Melted ice cream

3. Blowfish

4. Boiled bottled water

5. A cooked fish that the guest brought with them

6. Cockle popcorn

7. No-egg-white omelette

8. Rice bowl for a dog

9. Bison

10. Eggless eggs in hell (shakshuka)

Looking at the list, the items do venture into uncommon territory. Although maybe not as extreme as a fictional movie scene scenario, the reality is that a great hotel will do their best to achieve that ask. It might take someone researching that cockle popcorn has no hull, but that team is willing to put in the effort.

While people can have a laugh over some of these requests, the reality is that hotels across the globe are looking to give guests their ultimate stay. In some cases, room service is vital part.

Although it might take an entire family to finish the Home Alone Sundae at The Plaza Hotel in New York City, U.S., it does not require a cicerone to appreciate the bathroom stocked with “shower beer” at DogHouse Columbus Hotel in Columbus, U.S. From places across the U.S. to exotic resorts in French Polynesian, traveling is about the experience people remember and talk about years after taking that trip. More importantly, it creates an excitement to book another trip to find that next amazing moment.

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