Jenna Dewan and Mother’s Cookies use a sweet treat to foster togetherness, interview

Jenna Dewan collaborates with Mother's Cookies, photo provided by Mother's Cookies
Jenna Dewan collaborates with Mother's Cookies, photo provided by Mother's Cookies /

Families can appreciate that busy schedules can sometimes mean that downtimes are fleeting. Finding those moments to stop, connect and smile can be as important as checking off that to-do list. Recently Jenna Dewan partnered with Mother’s Cookies to celebrate those sweet moments that bring people together.

Sometimes the small moments are the ones that create lasting memories. While that trip to a magical theme park might make a splash, the end of school celebration does not have to be an elaborate event. The sweet memory comes from being present in the moment, not necessarily the location where it is spent.

Recently, Jenna Dewan collaborated with Mother’s Cookies to inspire everyone to Stop and Taste the Frosting this summer. Encouraging everyone to celebrate National Frosted Cookie Day on June 10, the pair hope that everyone can take a moment, open a bag of cookies and see what that sweet conversation happens.

During a recent conversation with Jenna, she shared that she tries to “create a moment of presence.” Those times where the screens are removed, not driving around, or otherwise being distracted.

Jenna mentioned that she loves being in the kitchen with her kids. Whether it is baking or something else, she said that it is always a really good time. They have fun, get creative and enjoy that time together. From an end of the year celebration to just a break mid-week, there are plenty of occasions to have that moment to connect.

Jenna Dewan for Mother's Cookies
Jenna Dewan collaborates with Mother’s Cookies, photo provided by Mother’s Cookies /

Recalling her childhood, Jenna mentioned that she grew up with Mother’s Cookies. From the colorful bag to the fun animal shapes, the frosted cookies flavor many happy memories. Now, she has taken those cookies and is sharing them with her daughter.

At the same time, Jenna mentioned that she does not want to force the moment. Still, by giving herself and her kids the chance to connect it allows them to feel more comfort with having those conversations. That plate of cookies just might be the catalyst that opens the door to a new connection.

While Frosted Cookie Day could be the reason to have an extra treat, life is about balance. The negative connotations about enjoying a treat need to be pushed aside. Life is too short to allow those thoughts to sour the sweet moment.

Mother’s Cookies is helping Plain City, Ohio get a sweet makeover on June 10. By frosting the town, this end of the school year celebration will be a sugar-coated fun for everyone to enjoy.

And, it might encourage others to take advantage of those special moments. This celebration might be large scale, but everyone can make find a reason to bring a few extra smiles to their own Frosted Cookie Day celebration.

From the end of summer to toasting to a successful dance recital, there are plenty of sweet moments to celebrate. Mother’s Cookies can be enjoyed from the bag, used as some delicious cupcake toppers or transformed in a variety of other ways. Being present in the moment can lead not only to some confectionary creativity but to some lasting memories.