Ciao House Season 2 picked up by Food Network

The judges deliberate, as seen on Ciao House Season 1
The judges deliberate, as seen on Ciao House Season 1 /

After crowning its winner in Ciao House Season 1, the Food Network just announced that Ciao House Season 2 has been ordered. While the culinary competition was fierce, the stunning Tuscany locale had many food television viewers dreaming of that ultimate escape. In a perfect blend of food and travel, viewers are getting a second taste of what they loved.

Speaking to the Ciao House Season 2 announcement, Betsy Ayala, Head of Content, Food, Warner Bros. Discovery said, “A fierce culinary competition in beautiful Tuscany is a dream project and we are thrilled our audience loves Ciao House. We knew early on this series was incredibly unique and offered viewers something they’ve never seen from Food Network before – we can’t wait to start working on season two.”

Ciao House is hosted by Alex Guarnaschelli and Gabriele Bertaccini. The two judges pushed the 10 chefs to bring out the best in themselves as well as honor the Italian ingredients placed in their care. Even though each of the chefs had the skills to execute the most amazing dishes, the most successful plates highlighted the region’s influence.

Where other culinary competitions can bring gadgets and gimmicks for impressive reveals, this food television show focused on bringing out the flavor of humble ingredients. A dish featuring a single vegetable can showcase a chef’s culinary expertise as well as celebrate the heart of Tuscany.

Although few details on Ciao House Season 2 were shared, it will be interesting to see if the Food Network show brings back Omar Ashley. Since he had to leave the competition due to health complications, it might be nice for him to have a second chance.

In addition, the second season might have some new twists and turns. Although the chefs in season 1 had to choose to eliminate members of their own team, the judges could have some more influence in season 2. With that scenario, the competition could be less of a popularity contest and more of a culinary skill focused effort, especially for the first couple of rounds.

For anyone who would like to catch up on Ciao House Season 1, episodes can be streamed on MAX. It will definitely get viewers hungry for season 2.