Alex Guarnaschelli suggests that food television offers home cooks these concepts

The judges deliberate, as seen on Ciao House Season 1
The judges deliberate, as seen on Ciao House Season 1 /

From the picturesque Tuscany locale of Ciao House to the culinary creativity on Supermarket Stakeout, Alex Guarnaschelli is a fixture on many popular food television shows. While those professional chefs might make that rustic Italian meal look easy or can find a way to adapt a bag full of groceries into an impeccable meal on Food Network, the home cook watching sees both the entertainment value and an opportunity to learn. These two elements within those concepts can linger far longer than the show’s entertainment duration.

Recently, Alex Guarnaschelli partnered with Ziploc to create some recipes using the brand’s Endurables. The celebrated chef, restaurateur, and food television personality has found numerous ways for the product to be used in her home kitchen. From cooking with her daughter to having tasty food options available to enjoy with minimal effort, the Ziploc product has become a workhorse in the kitchen.

While there is much more to be said about the Ziploc Endurables product, the season finale of Ciao House and the new season of Supermarket Stakeout could not be overlooked during a recent conversation with Alex Guarnaschelli.

Chef Alex appreciates that a show like Ciao House is more unique because there are not as many Food Network programs that are in Italy or Europe. She said, “I think that travel and transporting people with food is powerful.” Anyone who has watched this season of Ciao House can appreciate that notion. It may not necessarily cause everyone to book a trip to Tuscany, but it may spark a curiosity about the ingredients and recipes included on the show.

Although those moments can make for compelling food television, Chef Alex believes that viewers can appreciate the resourcefulness and imaginative ideas within the show’s concept. Whether it is a bag of unknown groceries or a hunk of cheese in Tuscany, the home cook can glean knowledge from watching those moments.

Chef Alex said, “It’s the resourcefulness and the imaginative ideas that come from those contexts that compel people and bring them into their own kitchen.” Cooks can look at food and concepts and appreciate that versatility. It is a way for them to expand their repertoire.

The same can be said about those Ziploc Endurables. It might not necessarily be a sous vide short rib, but it can be a way to rethink the weekly meal prep, recipe creation, or just easy snacking. One product offers versatility that allows home cooks to feel confident in their culinary creativity.

In the end, Chef Alex said that no matter the inspiration, it is the conversation surrounding the food in your home that is richer for it. Sometimes the most flavorful item is not found in the pantry. The words said over that plate of food are as vital as the versatility and resourcefulness in the kitchen.