Carvel asks fans to vote for its new Carvel character for its 90th anniversary

Carvel asks fans to vote for its new character, photo provided by Carvel
Carvel asks fans to vote for its new character, photo provided by Carvel /

For almost 90 years, Carvel has been delighting fans with its iconic soft serve. Recently, the brand has expanded with special seasonal offerings, like the recent salted caramel cold brew inspired flavor. While the flavor expansion brings excitement, the classic character cakes often bring the biggest smiles. Now, fans can help choose the new Carvel character.

Whether it is Father’s Day, a birthday, or another reason to celebrate, Fudgie the Whale and Cookie Puss have been a part of these special events. The classic character takes have been the centerpiece of the table. Although it can be hard to cut into that dessert, the promise of creamy soft serve and those sweet crunchies is too much to resist.

Ahead of its 90th anniversary in 2024, Carvel will be adding a new Carvel character to its line-up. While the brand has three potential new contenders, fans are offered the opportunity to voice their opinions. Given that customers are the ones who will eventually purchase these cakes, it is best to ensure that they are happy with the new addition.

New Carvel character options
Carvel asks fans to vote for its new character, photo provided by Carvel /

The three new Carvel character contenders are Crunchie Munchie Monster, Coney Carl, and Sunny Sprinkles. Each character has their own backstory and unique look.

For example, Crunchie Munchie Monster has a big toothy grin. Even though he might be a misunderstood mutant, that exterior reveals a very sweet side.

Coney Carl is a nod to the brand’s New York roots. Although it might not be as thrilling as a ride on the Cyclone, this character captures that nostalgia of the soft service ice cream brand. If not for that ice cream truck mishap, there might not be a Carvel Ice Cream.

Lastly, Sunny Sprinkles is blooming positively. Even though some people might give flowers as a gift, these petals have a little extra sweetness in every slice.

Fans can vote on the new Carvel character online. The voting is open through June 25. It is unclear when the results will be revealed.