Carvel Cookie Puss pints are Valentine’s Day sweetness personified


Do you love Carvel Cookie Puss? That iconic Carvel ice cream character has now been transformed into a take home pint just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Sometimes food sparks a joyful memory. Carvel Cookie Puss is one of those favorite ice cream memories from my childhood. Maybe it was the silly face that made me smile on my birthday. More likely, it was the delicious ice cream that I couldn’t wait to eat.

For Valentine’s Day, Carvel Ice Cream is transforming two of its iconic characters, Cookie Puss and Fudgie the Whale into take home pints. While the pint might not have that big cake “look,” each take home pint is filled with those delicious flavors that Carvel fans crave.

In the Cookie Puss take home pint, Carvel’s signature Crunchies separate layers of chocolate and vanilla ice. The pint is then topped with crumble chocolate chip cookies. While you could share this pint, you might really need to find someone special. It is quite difficult to share even a spoonful of this ice cream deliciousness.

Carvel Cookie Puss and Fudgie the Whale, photo provided by Carvel

The Fudgie the Whale pint is all about the chocolate. With layers of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, each luscious spoonful will have you digging in for more. Plus, those Carvel’s signature crunchies add that texture to make it even more satisfying.

If you think that these Carvel ice cream take home pints could be your perfect Valentine’s Day dessert, it is best to act quickly. The special take home pints will only be available from February 4 through February 15. Also, the offer is available only via delivery. So, check DoorDash or UberEats for delivery options.

Personally, I would recommend buying a few extra pints to store away for the whole Valentine’s Day weekend. Sometimes Valentine’s Day can be filled with a little too much pressure. Sometimes sharing some ice cream with a friend, loved one or even yourself is all you need to celebrate.

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Could a Carvel Cookie Puss pint or a Fudgie the Whale pint bring a smile to your face this Valentine’s Day?