Outrageous milkshakes take an impressive ice cream appetite


Spoons at the ready! Outrageous milkshakes are popping up everywhere. Do you have an impressive ice cream appetite?

Have you had one of these outrageous milkshakes? It seems that the plain, bowl of ice cream has been replaced with gigantic, humongous milkshake. Can you appetite handle these ice cream creations?

It seems that the humble milkshake has gotten a huge makeover. What started as an alcoholic whiskey drink in the 1850s, transformed into the ice cream treats that everyone in the 1900s. By the 1930s, the milkshake was the popular drink at malt shops and soda fountains. Today, the milkshake comes all types of varieties and proportions.

The gigantic milkshake trend seemed to start in 2016. A variety of restaurants adopted these gigantic frozen treats. On top of the classic milkshake would be candy, cookies or even an entire slice of cake. It is like having two desserts in one (actually more like an entire day’s worth of calories in a glass).

Outrageous milkshakes at Toothsome Chocolate Emporium and Savory Kitchen, photo by Cristine Struble

While many places have these frozen treats, Universal Orlando’s Toothsome Chocolate Emporium and Savory Kitchen has some delicious options. Although the restaurant no longer has the original bacon milkshake (which was quite delicious), the current long list of choices is quite impressive. Whether you like cookies and cream or decadent chocolate, these frozen treats are worth every calorie.

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At a recent visit, my family and I indulged in the Confetti Cake and a Cookie Jar. The Cookie Jar is a cookies and cream fan’s dream. With a full chocolate chip cookie and cookie pieces, there is a cookie piece in every bite or sip.

For the extreme appetite, the Confetti Cake is the ultimate indulgence. With a piece of vanilla cake on top, this milkshake is definitely two desserts in one. The classic vanilla milkshake is highlighted with sprinkles, buttercream and lots of ice cream goodness. Truthfully, this milkshake would be difficult for one person to eat on her own.

Of course, Universal Orlando isn’t the only place to get these outrageous milkshakes. Disney Springs’ Planet Hollywood offers their take on the food trend. Guy Fieri’s impressive menu offers galactic inspired ice cream treats.

Options like the Cosmic Cotton Candy Milkshake, Chocolate Comet Milkshake and Strawberry Big Bang Milkshake are totally out of this world. Topped with cakes, chocolate covered pretzels and lollipops, these desserts are totally outrageous. During our visit, our waiter very nicely got the kids a new lollipop to take home, since there was no way that treat was even being touched after eating this milkshake.

While some people on vacation or Orlando locals can enjoy these frozen treats, national chains are joining the outrageous milkshake fun. Baskin-Robbins just launched its versions for National Ice Cream Day. The three freak shakes, Unicorn Freak Shake, OREO® ‘n Cookies Freak Shake, and Donut Shop Freak Shake will delight ice cream fans.

Looking at these flavors, the unicorn flavor will surely become an instant hit. So many people are enamored with unicorn food. I wonder how many photos will pop up on your Instagram feed.

Personally, I would pick the Donut Shop flavor. Although I do not usually like almond flavors, I would love a milkshake topped with “Dunkin’ Donuts Powdered and Chocolate MUNCHKINS® donut hole treats, a Dunkin’ Donuts Chocolate Frosted with Sprinkles Donut.” Based just on the toppings, I think that I would have to run a marathon to run off all those calories, but they would be totally worth it.

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