Slurpee rebrands its image to celebrate the idea that Anything Flows

Slurpee rebrands with Anything Flows, photo provided by 7-Eleven
Slurpee rebrands with Anything Flows, photo provided by 7-Eleven /

Whether that cup is filled just with the fan favorite Coca-Cola flavor or a perfect mixture of multiple choices, the Slurpee has been the ultimate frozen refreshment for almost 60 years. While there is something iconic about the 7-Eleven beverage, sometimes even a classic can get a refreshed look. As Slurpee rebrands with its Anything Flows approach, it is time to rediscover why this beverage has stood the test of time.

With help from The Brainfreeze Collective, the new Anything Flows campaign celebrates a vibrant Slurpee world. While the frozen beverage might be the ultimate thirst quencher, it can also be the companion to creating an overall vibe for the day. From being bold and brash to subtle and mellow, it is like the perfect chameleon adapting to the sights, sounds, and atmosphere of the moment.

According to Marissa Jarratt, 7-Eleven Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing & Sustainability Officer, “For nearly 60 years, Slurpee has been a timeless icon, bringing our communities together to help create moments of joy through the weird and wonderful experience that is the Slurpee drink. Now, as we usher in the new generation of Slurpee, we celebrate this iconic brand’s evolution and its continuous ability to add a little more awesome to our customer’s day.”

The Slurpee rebranding, Anything Flows, celebrates self-expression. Whether it is the love of a particular flavor, the perfect combination of different offerings, or however people choose to sip, the idea is that everyone and anyone can celebrate who they are boldly and proudly.

Slurpee rebrands with Anything Flows
Slurpee rebrands with Anything Flows, photo provided by 7-Eleven /

The rebranded cups and logo reflect the Slurpee’s evolution. The distinctive font and saturated colors capture this new vibe. Whether it is a touch of nostalgia or a nod to the future, that Slurpee is ready for any and every occasion.

As Slurpee rebrands its imaging, the concepts will be rolling out both digitally and in stores. From new commercials to the merchandise, there are plenty of ways to celebrate this Anything Flows vibe.

The only thing not on this Slurpee menu, some creative food pairings. Maybe some content creator can find a way to offer the perfect summer food and beverage pairing for this rebrand. Just think of the summer party possibilities.