Summer Baking Championship episode 6: Rainbow colored desserts inside and out

Host Jesse Palmer presents the pride desserts challenge, as seen on Summer Baking Championship, Season 1.
Host Jesse Palmer presents the pride desserts challenge, as seen on Summer Baking Championship, Season 1. /

As Summer Baking Championship approaches the final couple of episodes, the remaining bakers need to push a little further outside of their comfort zone. In Summer Baking Championship episode 6, the bakers needed to grill a sweet treat and find a colorful and flavorful rainbow connection.

At this point in the Food Network baking competition, simple mistakes or not following the baking brief could get one person set home. The judges are looking at the food on the plate, not past performances.

For the Summer Baking Championship episode 6 pre-heat, the bakers had to great a grill pan dessert. While this idea was meant to be nod to Father’s Day, it could be more of an inspiration for viewers. With the holiday approaching, why not make a grilled dessert for that man in your life.

Overall, the grilled desserts were good, but they were relatively simplistic. The key with this dessert was that the grill marks should not have that burnt taste. Although grilling is the only cooking method that imparts flavor, the burnt flavors in a dessert are never appealing.

Many of the desserts featured a type of cake that has been grilled. Some of the bakers had issues with their cake texture. Although the moist term might not be pleasant to say, eating a bite of dry cake is equally unfavorable.

Alyssa had a lovely grilled pineapple upside down cake with a tres leches soak. That texture was good, the grilled pineapple worked, and it was successful. But, the judges seemed to want more.

Winning the preheat was Zoe. Her dessert was relatively simple, grilled peaches with mint served over a blondie with ice cream. While the blondie was nice, it was the grilled peaches that were a huge hit. Maybe this idea could be served at a summer barbecue. It could impress anyone around the table.

For winning the heat, Zoe received a huge advantage for the main heat. She was the only baker who could create a cake for the Summer Baking Championship episode 6 main heat. It might have earned her a spot in the semi-finale.

The main heat celebrated Pride Month with rainbow desserts. The dessert had to have rainbow colors both inside and out. Given that Zoe was the only baker who could make a cake, the bakers needed to showcase their creativity.

In addition, the main heat twist was fruity, rainbow cereal. Overall, this twist seemed to stump the bakers. It was more than a textural component; it needed to have that flavor, too.

Summer Baking Championship episode 6
Judges Damaris Phillips, Duff Goldman, Carla Hall and Host Jesse Palmer, portrait , as seen on Summer Baking Championship, Season 1. /

Yohann’s dessert was visually impressive. Although he might have forgotten the color order of the rainbow, it was a wonderful dessert. The no-bake cheesecake, with mango and mirror glaze would make any Pride celebration even more special.

While the colors, as seen with the mirror glaze, were impressive, Yohann used the fruity cereal well. That streusel with the mango pieces offered a wonderful contrast to the other softer components on the plate.

Even though Anrika’s pavlova was a little beige, she impressed the judges. The muted tones might have worked in her favor. She moved onto the next round.

While winning the preheat gave Zoe an advantage, she had the best use of the fruity cereal twist. The cereal milk flavored buttercream was a hit. The only downside to her dessert was that some of the colors were not as vibrant as they could have been.

The two bottom bakers were Alyssa and John. Alyssa’s macaron tower was a little sweet. Although the idea of sprinkle smash seemed fun, the amount of sprinkles was not beneficial. Overall, her dessert was one note. It needed some flavor to balance all the sugar.

John’s biggest mistake was his dessert choice. Although his dessert was an Italian cookie, that dessert is like a slice of cake. When presenting the judges that simple dessert, he needed to make it impeccable. Unfortunately, there were some avoidable mistakes. Also, it needed another flavor to break up the sweetness. Lastly, he could have used the fruity cereal better.

John was eliminated in Spring Baking Championship episode 6. Which baker could win the title? With only a few more episodes remaining, it could be anyone’s to earn.

Summer Baking Championship airs on Food Network Monday nights at 9 p.m. ET. It can be streamed the next day on MAX.