Popcornopolis Nearly Naked uncovers a secret to flavorful snacking

Popcornopolis Nearly Naked, photo provided by Popcornopolis
Popcornopolis Nearly Naked, photo provided by Popcornopolis /

Whether it is movie night or a mid-afternoon snack, popcorn is often a popular choice. Although there can be a time and place for kernels smothered in butter, caramel or other toppings, sometimes those offerings hide the real reason why the hand hits the bowl, the popcorn. With Popcornopolis Nearly Naked, the popcorn comes first, and the flavors highlight that classic snack.

Many people are familiar with Popcornopolis and its popcorn offerings. From the gourmet popcorn offerings vary from sweet to spicy and almost anything in between. Whether given as a gift or enjoyed as a special treat, those cone shaped bags bring smiles all around.

With the Popcornopolis Nearly Naked, the snack brand focuses on what people crave, flavor. Even though the popcorn looks simple, each handful is bursting with flavor.

As Daniela Simpson, Chief Marketing Officer of Popcornopolis said, “We are thrilled to be expanding on our Nearly Naked line, bringing unforgettable popcorn flavor combinations to the popcorn space and continuing our mission of bringing consumers joy with every bite. As we strive to meet the needs of modern consumers, we are excited to introduce a new look, while creating delicious flavors and using the same high-quality ingredients that our consumers have come to love.”

The three flavors in this line are Perfectly Salted, White Cheddar and Jalapeno Lime. For people who want to taste the popcorn flavor but also want a little extra, these snacks are a must. It might change your movie night routine for good.

For the person who craves great tasting popcorn, the Perfectly Salted is a must. That hint of salt makes it easy to go back handful after handful. Given the lower calories per serving, no one has a negative connotation with enjoying that snack.

With the White Cheddar and Jalapeno Lime, these two flavors are amazing when combined together. The slightly tangy white cheddar with the heat from the jalapeno and the brightness from the lime makes a complete flavor experience.

Although many people will happily open a bag and enjoy a bowl, others might want to think about additional serving suggestions. For example, adding these popcorn offerings to a trail mix or other snack mix is quite enjoyable. Even just adding a few candied cashews to the Perfect Salted can be a fun contrast. There are many ways to pair the popcorn offerings.

The Popcornopolis Nearly Naked offerings can be found online, in Sam’s Clubs, and will be offered at additional retailers in the near future.