Dogfish Head Asteroid City Lager takes inspiration from Wes Anderson

Asteroid City Lager from Dogfish Head and Wes Anderson
Asteroid City Lager from Dogfish Head and Wes Anderson /

Wes Anderson is considered a highly creative filmmaker. Dogfish Head Craft Brewery has never been afraid to push the envelope with its brewed offerings. When the two combine forces, the resulting beer, Asteroid City Lager, is a little unexpected but quite compelling.

Over the years, Dogfish Head has given beer drinkers many reasons to explore what beer can be. From the engastration inspired brew that had layers of flavors to variations on IPA offerings, the brewery is always pouring a flavorful draft.

Although the brewing team might have previously channeled their inner 80s hair band, their newest collaboration is a little more stylized. In collaboration with Wes Anderson and the new movie, Asteroid City, this lager is far from typical. While there is a reference to a classic lager, the flavor has drinkers digging a little deeper into its nuances.

As Dogfish Head founder & brewer Sam Calagione said, “The magical, whimsical worlds Wes Anderson has created in his movies have been touchstones for our off-centered brand throughout the years. From the playful and colorful design of our canal-front hotel, the Dogfish INN, to the vibrant and refreshing vibes of this Asteroid City Lager beer, Wes’ work inspires us, and this collaborative beer is a liquid celebration of this new frontier Wes and the entire team behind ‘Asteroid City’ have created.”

Asteroid City Lager beer is brewed with Tuxpeno, a regeneratively grown pilsner malt. While this ingredient might not be common, it adds depth to the flavor. Combined with the Zuper Saazer hops that had some corn notes, those layers bring contemplation. Even if there is a hint of floral and herbs, it is rooted in the malt and hops.

Asteroid City Lager from Dogfish Head and Wes Anderson
Asteroid City Lager from Dogfish Head and Wes Anderson, photo provided by Dogfish Head /

While the flavors are what beer drinkers thirst for, some people will purchase a can for the beer’s label. A collaboration between Wes Anderson and Dogfish Head, the can looks as if it has just been taken from a movie scene. For the movie buff, this beer can might be the ultimate collective.

The Asteroid City Lager can be purchased in a four-pack of 16 oz cans at Dogfish Head’s coastal Delaware locations. In addition, select regional retailers will have it available.

Draft pours of the Asteroid City Lager will be available at screenings at select Alamo Drafthouse locations nationwide. Also, Dogfish Head locations will be serving the beer on draft.