New Dunkin Wraps are perfectly convenient for on the go eating

New Dunkin Wraps in Chorizo and Egg, photo provided by Dunkin
New Dunkin Wraps in Chorizo and Egg, photo provided by Dunkin /

Summer fun is in full swing, and people are ready to enjoy all the activities. With convenience and portability front of mind, the new Dunkin Wraps are ready to satisfy with big, bold flavors. Whether enjoyed on their own or paired with a favorite iced coffee, like the returning Salted Caramel Cold Brew, it is the must try hand-held food option.

While the tagline of running on Dunkin has been explored in many ways, the idea of convenient, on the go, flavorful eating choices continues to expand. Although there is always a place for that coffee and donut pairing, the reality is that some people crave a savory, hearty meal. Even if they do not have time to sit down at a table to enjoy that bite, they want a food option that satisfies.

With the new Dunkin Wraps, the hand-held menu option brings together robust flavors. Available in Chorizo and Egg Wrap and Chicken and Roasted Pepper Wrap, the savory flavors are front and center.

Dunkin Wraps in chorizo and egg
New Dunkin Wraps in Chorizo and Egg, photo provided by Dunkin /

Looking at the Chorizo and Egg Wrap, it is interesting that Dunkin chose chorizo over a traditional breakfast sausage. When combined with vegetables, black beans and a mildly spiced cheese sauce, the nod to bolder flavors is apparent. It is still approachable, but it is far from typical.

The Chicken and Roasted Pepper Wrap has Dunkin stepping out of its traditional offerings. While chicken has become a more popular breakfast choice, this menu item reads more like a lunch or a hearty snack. Thinking of that idea, it leans into the concept that Dunkin is more than just a morning stop. Just like coffee can be sipped anytime of the day, Dunkin wants to be that drive-thru moment whenever the craving hits.

While the new Dunkin Wraps are a highlight of its summer menu, several other food choices are coming back to the delight of guests. As Jill McVicar Nelson, Chief Marketing Officer, Dunkin’ said, “This year, we’re bringing one of our most popular seasonal drinks, Salted Caramel Cold Brew, back to the menu and introducing our new Dunkin’ Wraps for the perfect on-the-go meal.”

With summer fun on the agenda, the return of the Salted Caramel Cold Brew is sweet news to many people. That balanced combination of flavors feels like a favorite dessert. On a hot day, it can be that satisfying sipper to make any day a little brighter.

The summer menu, including the new Dunkin Wraps, is available at participating locations now. Check with local restaurants for availability and pricing.