BODYARMOR Flash I.V. rapid rehydration beverage is a flavorful innovation

BODYARMOR Flash I.V. family of beverages, photo provided by BODYARMOR
BODYARMOR Flash I.V. family of beverages, photo provided by BODYARMOR /

While people might carry that water bottle with them everywhere, a rapid rehydration beverage is a different option. When there is a need to refuel, replenish and recover, a beverage packed with electrolytes and vitamins can be a better choice. The new BODYARMOR Flash I.V. combines the science and the flavor into a beverage that people want to drink.

Sometimes the balance between good for you and great tasting is not always tilted in the flavor’s favor. Healthy eating food is a concept that people appreciate, but it can be hard to choose the vegetable tray over the dessert plate. A similar concept can happen in the rehydration beverage space. People appreciate that a balance of electrolytes and vitamins can help to rebalance the fluids, but the flavor might not be as refreshing as they had hoped.

The new BODYARMOR Flash I.V. looks to be a game changer in the rapid rehydration beverage space. When the sports beverage launched its brand, it stood apart from the competition by focusing on flavor. Using coconut water, the flavor, mouth feel, and overall drinking satisfaction appealed to many consumers. Finding that balance of function and flavor, it won over a legion of fans.

Speaking to the new BODYARMOR Flash I.V., BODYARMOR Sports Nutrition CEO, Federico Muyshondt said “We’re always looking to innovate and provide consumers with hydration options they want and need, and we can’t wait to showcase our latest game-changer yet. Consumers want products that not only work hard for them but actually taste good too. We’re confidently entering this category because we know that Flash I.V. tastes better than any other rapid hydration product out on the market today.”

BODYARMOR Flash I.V. family of beverages, photo provided by BODYARMOR /

This functional beverage features 2200mg of electrolytes in the 20oz square bottle. That higher than traditional sports drinks level is meant to help supplement quick recovery. In addition, the beverage includes Zinc, Vitamins B and C which are intended to support a healthy immune system.

For the product launch, BODYARMOR will offer four flavors, Grape, Strawberry Kiwi, Orange, and Tropical Punch. These flavors are similar to some of its core options in its other beverage lines. Overall, these choices have a wide appeal. If the idea is to focus on approachable, great tasting flavors, it appears that familiar and popular choices are front and center.

Although not necessarily a focus of the launch announcement, this new BODYARMOR beverage comes in a square bottle. In a sea of sameness on the shelf, the shape will capture eyes. Also, it sets itself apart from the other beverages under the brand’s name. If the idea is to showcase that this rapid rehydration option is a building block to better beverage choices, the shape choice could be that foundation.

The BODYARMOR Flash I.V. is available at some regional stores. A wider rollout will happen in-stores and online in 2024.

This new beverage continues the brand’s image evolution, which included the new BODYARMOR Lyte “Choose More” campaign with Jennifer Lopez and Powerade’s new visual identity re-launch.