Hillshire Snacking brand looks to change the conversation away from mindless snacking

Italian Dry Salame & Gouda Cheese Small Plate, photo provided by Hillshire Snacking
Italian Dry Salame & Gouda Cheese Small Plate, photo provided by Hillshire Snacking /

Growing up, those little recess breaks at school helped to make a long day seem more bearable. For the office worker, the opportunity to swing from the monkey bars might not be available, but a snack break is. Instead of just mindless snacking while staring at yet another spreadsheet, Hillshire Snacking wants to turn that food break into a moment of zen.

While food is nourishment, it can be more than just another handful of calories. As nutritionists have explained having awareness about the food that is eaten is important to balanced eating. Who hasn’t consumed an entire bowl of popcorn during the first five minutes of a movie without realizing it?

Although people are encouraged to put down the screen and engage with the mind when picking up the fork, it is not always that simple during the workday. From deadlines to overall stress, the pressure to perform can turn eating into a hurried affair.

According to Marcus Hudetz, brand manager for Hillshire Snacking, “Snacking during the workday can often feel like rushed, mindless eating, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Hillshire Snacking snack packs can turn a few stolen moments into an elevated celebration that deserves to be savored, a moment of bliss.”

With recent findings showing that snacking can be that needed mental break, Hillshire Snacking is looking to help everyone enjoy that flavorful snack boost. As the brand searches for its Snacktivity Director, anyone can join the conversation and share some suggestions on how to elevate snack time.

While this TikTok promotion should have some engaging videos, the concept is not limited to just a social media video. Although it might not be a slice of nostalgia, there is something to be said about remembering the simplicity of school days and snack time. Some people might remember coming home to a snack on the table and a conversation with a parent. No one ruined their appetite for dinner, but it was a time to sit, reflect, and replenish.

Even though workers are not going to sit down with a supervisor to re-hash that last TSP Report meeting, anyone can silence a phone, clear a screen, and just take five minutes to sit, eat, and take a mental break. The concept might sound old fashioned, but the reset could result not only in a happier employee but also a more productive one.

More information on Hillshire Snacking’s Snacktivity Director promotion can be found at www.HillshireSnackingDirector.com. The promotion is open through July 4, 2023.