Jason Biggs says Edwards Pie Lovers Passion Fruit gets him excited for a slice, interview

Jason Biggs wants you to enjoy Edwards Pie Lovers Passion Fruit, photo provided by Edwards Desserts
Jason Biggs wants you to enjoy Edwards Pie Lovers Passion Fruit, photo provided by Edwards Desserts /

Although he has had a long, successful career, Jason Biggs and apple pie will forever be connected. While American Pie is a classic movie that has a special place in pop culture, the actual pie might be the dessert associated with the all-American holiday, Fourth of July. During a recent conversation with the actor, Biggs shared why Edwards Pie Lovers Passion Fruit has him excited to share a slice with everyone his summer.

Since Biggs and pie have shared the same scene, it is curious that the actor had not previously partnered with a pie company. During our conversation, Biggs said, “over the years opportunities have arisen and it never felt like the right time or never felt like the right partnership. I wanted something that fit with my comedic sensibilities. This role and this scene are very personal to me. I always wanted to be delicate when it comes to how I want to present it to the world because I understand it connects with people in such a great way. I’m very protective of it.”

When he first read the American Pie script, Biggs appreciate that the characters were relatable and he instantly connected with Jim. While the pie scene definitely stood out, he even made jokes about the longevity of that moment. It might have taken on a life of its own, but he may not have expected to be still talking about it almost 25 years later nor having a partnership with Edwards Desserts because of it.

After talking with Edwards Desserts, Biggs said that it was the right fit for everyone. He mentioned that “the timing was right. There is a touch of nostalgia for the movie franchise right now.”

Although some people might have expected that the collaboration would be an apple pie, they went in a different direction, Edwards Pie Lovers Passion Fruit. Biggs shared, “I don’t want to knock apple, apple pie and I have a very storied history. There are a lot of wonderful memories, some awkward ones, but mostly positive. I love apple, but this is more in line with my personal tastes.”

The Edwards Pie Lovers Passion Fruit combines a variety of tropical fruit flavors. On a vanilla cookie crumb curst, the frozen pie features “coconut passion fruit mousse, mango crème, pineapple lemongrass cream, garnished with tropical jellies, pineapple compote, and gold leaf.” Biggs feels that that the “tropical flavor feels summery to me,” and captures that pool or beachside vibe. Since Fourth of July is around the corner, the Edwards Pie Lovers might be the flavor fireworks to complement the fireworks in the sky.

When asked about his Fourth of July plans, Biggs mentioned that “the grill is his happy place and you cannot go wrong with food on the grill. He discussed his BBQ chicken recipe which would be a great meal to serve before enjoying a slice of the Edwards Pie Lovers Passion Fruit pie.

Edwards Pie Lovers Passion Fruit with Jason Biggs
Jason Biggs wants you to enjoy Edwards Pie Lovers Passion Fruit, photo provided by Edwards Desserts /

Speaking to his BBQ chicken recipe, he described it as “my own little concoction. It involves soy. It involves orange zest and a little bit of orange juice. It involves garlic, salt, pepper and it is a home run on the chicken. It’s one of my absolute favorite marinades.” Plus, those flavors are a wonderful pairing with the tropical flavors in the Passion Fruit pie. The frozen, creamy pie is perfectly refreshing on a warm summer day.

For those people who long to get their own slice of the Edwards Pie Lovers Passion Fruit flavor, it is only available via the Edwards website. On June 30, some lucky people will get that specialty pie. More information on the terms and conditions can be found online.

What other new projects is Jason Biggs serving? He has a holiday movie coming out on Netflix with Heather Graham and Brandy that will be out later this year. Other projects are in the works as well.

Ready to bring a little excitement to the summer dessert table? Edwards Pie Lovers Passion Fruit might be start as a frozen pie, but its flavors will have everyone feeling a little flushed after enjoying a slice.