Pepsi Colachup celebrates that hot dogs are better with Pepsi

Pepsi Colachup is the newest offering in the Better with Pepsi campaign, photo provided by Pepsi
Pepsi Colachup is the newest offering in the Better with Pepsi campaign, photo provided by Pepsi /

While food debates can cause spirited conversation, the Better with Pepsi campaign has united people over the shared flavor experience. From burgers to chicken wings to pizza, the combination of that sweet, citrus forward cola flavor pairs perfectly with almost any food. Ahead of the July 4th holiday, Pepsi Colachup is here to top that classic summertime offering and celebrate this All-American pairing.

Many people have definite opinions on hot dog toppings. From dragging it through the garden to scoops of chili, the reality is that hot dogs, no matter how they are served, are a popular food choice, especially during the summer. From those grill marks to boiled perfection, people are excited to enjoy that meat in between a bun.

To continue its Better with Pepsi campaign, the iconic beverage brand is launching Pepsi Colachup. In partnership with the Culinary Institute of America, this special, limited-edition condiment was created to offer a delightful balance of flavors in every bite. That Pepsi beverage might be in the cup, but the cola infused condiment is a flavor that needs to be experienced.

During a recent conversation with Jenny Danzi, Senior Director, Pepsi, she explained the complexity of this condiment. Specifically, she said, “it was specifically developed to bring out the unique flavors of a hot dog. The smokiness of the hot dog, the tanginess of the ketchup, and a little bit of sweetness of the cola with some other gourmet ingredients” make it a must try. She believes that “it’s not something that you could totally whip up at home.

While this specialty condiment continues Pepsi’s collaboration with the Culinary Institute of America, it is more than just an offering for the food elite. Danzi said, “we know America loves hot dogs. Going into July 4th weekend, everyone is going to be grilling and celebrating. We wanted to be part of that celebration and make sure that Pepsi and hot dogs are part of your July 4th weekends. And, show that everything is better with Pepsi.”

Pepsi Colachup
Pepsi Colachup is the newest offering in the Better with Pepsi campaign, photo provided by Pepsi /

Given that food can be a connector, conversation starter, Pepsi is leveraging its “Better With” campaign to find those commonalities. As Danzi said, “we started the Better with Pepsi campaign in 2021 with burgers. In 2022, we celebrated with pizza. Now, we’re excited to celebrate with hot dogs. I think that going forward you’re going to continue to see a lot of Pepsi with food. That celebration of every bite is Better with Pepsi is going happen even more.”

To give fans a chance to enjoy the Pepsi Colachup, select ballparks will be serving the specialty condiment on July 4th. The Pepsi Colachup sampling carts will be available at the following locations.

  • Chase Field, Phoenix, AZ; Section 130/131
  • Yankee Stadium, Bronx, NY; Pepsi Lounge (Pepsi Lounge Ticket Required)
  • Target Field, Minneapolis, MN; Section 113
  • Comerica Park, Detroit, MI; Section 139
Joey Chestnut celebrates Better with Pepsi and Pepsi Colachup
Joey Chestnut celebrates Better with Pepsi and Pepsi Colachup, photo provided by Pepsi /

What does Joey Chestnut think of the Pepsi Colachup?

While he might hold a World Record for hot dog eating, Joey Chestnut enjoys that All-American food not just on the July 4th holiday. As part of the Pepsi Colachup launch, Pepsi is partnering with the champion competitive eater to celebrate how Pepsi goes better with hot dogs.

As Chestnut said, “People might be surprised, but outside of competition I love eating hot dogs at a more leisurely pace, and there’s no better way to eat a hot dog – steamed, grilled, or fried – than with a perfectly cool and crisp Pepsi.”

Although he might not be dipping his hot dogs and buns in Pepsi during that competitive eating contest, his statement resonates. If the man who can down over 70 hot dogs in a sitting prefers Pepsi, that is a resounding endorsement.

To encourage everyone to get a taste of hot dogs and Pepsi, the beverage brand is offering reimbursement of a Pepsi and hot dog purchase. According to the terms, “All weekend long through July 4, consumers who purchase a hot dog (or dogs) with a Pepsi at any food service or retail location can get the Pepsi comped by texting “FREEPEPSI” to 81234 and uploading the receipt that clearly shows a hot dog and a Pepsi purchase to get reimbursed the cost of a 20oz Pepsi product, via PayPal, Venmo or Digital Retailer Gift Card.”

Even though Pepsi Colachup might not be available in stores, the concept of Pepsi and hot dogs being the perfect pairing is one that people can cheer this holiday weekend and beyond. It might not necessarily be that Apple Pie hot dog recipe, but it might be the All-American pairing that many people can get behind.