Blue Apron Summer Crab Picnic brings a taste of the shore to the summer table

Blue Apron Summer Crab Picnic, photo provided by Blue Apron
Blue Apron Summer Crab Picnic, photo provided by Blue Apron /

While some people are grilling burgers all summer long, other food options capture that seasonal flavor. With the Blue Apron Summer Crab Picnic, the seasonal meal kit simplifies the seafood feast.

Crab can be a flavorful delicacy. Although that sweet, succulent flavor is favorite, it can sometimes be cumbersome to prepare. All the cracking, digging, and other prep work can make enjoying that first bite feel like a chore.

Still, many people long for that flavor. From near the seashore to high in the mountains, easy summer evenings bring that craving for a seafood feast.

As one of its summer entertaining meal kits, the Blue Apron Summer Crab Picnic is the perfect choice for anyone who wants those flavors but would prefer to skip all the prep work. From start to finish, a delightful seasonal feast in a shorter amount of time.

Speaking to the summer offering, John Adler, Blue Apron’s Senior Vice President of Physical Product said, Our summer meal kits are anchored around culinary exploration, ease and convenience with new seasonally-inspired, quality ingredients. The crab salad sandwiches are a perfect summer staple, with pre-cooked, easy-prep lump crab meat, allowing customers to spend less time in the kitchen.”

Blue Apron Summer Crab Picnic
Blue Apron Summer Crab Picnic, photo provided by Blue Apron /

Serving eight people, the Blue Apron Summer Crab Picnic features the following:

  • Crab Salad Sandwiches with Chives & Celery
  • Romaine Wedge Salad with Bacon & Everything-Seasoned Ranch
  • Corn Salad with Avocado, Cucumber & Honey-Lime Dressing
  • Summer Fruit Pie with Cornmeal Crumble

Looking at the menu as a whole, it offers a flavorful journey. With the Crab Salad Sandwiches, it is more than just crab piled high. The combination of textures in each bite adds to the eating satisfaction. Without overshadowing the star ingredient, these sandwiches exemplify the nuance of the crab.

Adding to the seasonality, the corn salad is a crisp, multi-dimensional offering. While the avocado adds a luscious texture, the honey-lime dressing adds brightness to balance the richness.

Lastly, the summer fruit pie will have people re-thinking that classic crumble recipe. The addition of cornmeal adds depth to the flavor. For anyone who loves a little jam on cornbread, this dessert flavor combination will be a huge hit.

The Blue Apron Summer Crab Picnic is available now through August 28. In addition, the summer offerings include a BBQ Rib Feast. They can be ordered via the Blue Apron website or can be orders via Blue Apron Market and