Wilton Dessert Drizzles offer more sweet creativity to homemade desserts

Wilton Dessert Drizzles, photo by Cristine Struble
Wilton Dessert Drizzles, photo by Cristine Struble /

Many people have turned to Wilton as a trusted partner in the baking world. From kitchen essentials to colorful decorations, the shelf is stacked with a plethora of sweet options. With the new Wilton Dessert Drizzles, homemade desserts can be as visually impressive as the professional ones in the bakery case.

From the numerous baking competitions to social media, the tempting cakes, treats, and other desserts entices with the visual without anyone being able to enjoy that bite. The old saying of eating with the eyes continues to be part of the conversation. After all, no one really eats with their eyes closed.

Speaking to the new Wilton Dessert Drizzles, Samantha Nakano, Consumer Business Unit Director at Wilton, said, “We love the creativity that comes along with baking, and we wanted to create products that help inspire bakers while offering simpler, quicker solutions to icing,”

The new Wilton Dessert Drizzles are a syrup topping offered in an easy-to-use squeeze bottle. It is easy to use straight from the bottle. More importantly, the soft-setting product keeps its shape. Whether a little drip on the edge of a cake or a clean line on a plate, the uses for this product are many. More importantly, it simplifies one of the visuals that a professional baker easily employs.

Wilton Dessert Drizzles
Wilton Dessert Drizzles, photo by Cristine Struble /

Available in brownie batter chocolate, toffee caramel, and strawberry flavors, the drizzles can also be used as a beverage topping or as a drizzle in the glass. Just think of the dessert martinis and specialty coffees that would benefit these offerings.

Looking at the specific flavors, they add to the versatility conversation. While strawberry seems to be a popular summertime flavor, the other flavors can add a touch of richness. From boosting a simple vanilla to adding depth to a fruit forward dessert, it can an easy way transform traditional desserts into something new.

In addition to the Wilton Dessert Drizzles, Wilton added two more flavors of its Decorating Icing Pouches, chocolate and strawberry. These icing pouches simplify the decorating process. From cupcakes to cookies, even the kids can help to create their own special dessert. It could be a fun way to create a dessert bar. Why not set up some sprinkles, icing, and other items to let everyone have their own custom cupcake or cookie.

The new Wilton Dessert Drizzles and icing pouch flavors will be rolling out into stores and online. Check with retailers for pricing and availability.