Chef Eyal Shani brings HaSalon to The Venetian Resort Las Vegas

HaSalon at The Venetian Resort Horrible Hammer, photo provided by The Venetian Resort
HaSalon at The Venetian Resort Horrible Hammer, photo provided by The Venetian Resort /

While Las Vegas boasts high end entertainment, luxurious experiences, and a playground of delights, it is the bounty of impeccable food and dining options that draws people to the table. Coming to The Venetian Resort Las Vegas, HaSalon by Chef Eyal Shani invites guests to savor the nuance of Israeli cuisine.

Set to be the second offering from Chef Eyal at The Venetian Resort, HaSalon might translate to “the living room” but this dining experience is about enjoying the moment to its fullest. From the vibrant hues and contrasting textures to bold ingredient choices, guests are encouraged to embrace the moment to its fullest possibilities.

Looking to bring more culinary experiences to the Las Vegas Strip, The Venetian Resort Las Vegas appreciates that diners crave the interaction associated with dining. Although far from a stuffy, multi-course dinner, the reality is that the food combined with the ambiance has people talking, sharing, and remembering those hours around the table.

Speaking about the HaSalon experience, Chef Eyal Shani said, “you are getting the best feeling that life can give, the magic from a night you are praying will never end, experiencing a loss of control and the freedom that feeling has. Our mission, the whole reason for our existence and the whole reason that millions of people around the globe are dreaming of us, is to give happiness and make people that visit us much happier than they were before.”

Although some guests might not be as well versed in Israeli food, the menu will feature favorites while highlighting fresh, seasonal ingredients. Even though the cuisine can change daily, guests can expect classics like The Horrible Hammer, a beef carpaccio with smashed herbs and flowers, as well as Mamaliga, a sweet corn polenta.

HaSalon at The Venetian Resort features 12 foot noodle
HaSalon at The Venetian Resort featured noodle dish, photo provided by The Venetian Resort /

While the food draws people to the table, dining at HaSalon is more than just food on a plate. The two dinner services have very different vibes. The first service is more traditional. For the second service, it is about a communal experience, interacting with others, and letting the moment become one with the food. It might not actually transport guests to Tel Aviv but it offers a taste of that that experience can be like.

This type of dining experience to The Venetian Resort allows property to set itself apart from other options on The Strip. While there are a plethora of celebrity chef dining options, guests are looking for more, new, different when they sit down at the table. It is not that people want dinner theater of old, but they want an overall experience that they can capture, share, tell. Pretty food will always be on the plate, but the moment needs flare to make the food even more flavorful.

Reservations for HaSalon are available now. It is located within The Palazzo tower.