See’s Candies Lollypalooza Lineup celebrates all its sweet flavors

The 2023 Lollypalooza Lineup Box, photo provided by See's Candies
The 2023 Lollypalooza Lineup Box, photo provided by See's Candies /

While the classic Bourdeaux candies and Mary See’s iconic toffee recipe are legendary, another candy is often associated with the California candy brand. For a limited time, the See’s Candies Lollypalooza celebrates all the sweet goodness across all the flavors.

For those unfamiliar the classic See’s Candies Lollypop, that golden wrapped, square shaped treat comes in more sophisticated flavors. While there is a touch of childlike fun to eating one, the flavors are not the version that people remember back in the day.

As Pat Egan, President & CEO said, “Our signature Lollypop was one of See’s first product innovations. We didn’t make them in our first year of operation (1921), but we have been making our square-corner Lollypops for nearly a century. Our Lollypops are truly one-of-a-kind…and so are our customers! Our customers are the heart of our business, and we chose this July to produce each flavor—even those we only make part of the year—all at once.”

See's Candies Lollypalooza
The 2023 Lollypalooza Lineup Box, photo provided by See’s Candies /

For the See’s Candies Lollypalooza event, the brand is highlighting not only its year round flavors but also its seasonal options. The flavors include: Chocolate, Vanilla, Butterscotch, Café Latté, Cinnamon, Caramel Apple, Pumpkin Spice, Chocolate Caramel, Chocolate Coconut, Orange Cream, Strawberry Cream, Mint Cream and Root Beer. The specialty box features all the flavors.

Looking at the lineup, the list showcases the culinary creativity that the See’s Candies team puts front and center. Whether it is channeling that favorite beverage or capturing the essence of another dessert, that lollypop satisfies that sweet craving.

As part of the Lollypalooza event, See’s Candies is inviting everyone to share their suggestion for their next lollypop flavor. Although the line is robust, there are some options that the brand has not covered, yet. For example, why isn’t there a chocolate cherry flavor or what about a peanut butter and chocolate option.

Now through July 24, anyone can submit their suggestion for a lollypop flavor to It will be interesting to see what the next sweet idea will come to store shelves.

It is time to bring a little extra sweetness to any day. Which See’s Candies lollypop is your go-to favorite?