Only one state ranks this classic ice cream flavor as its top choice

(Photo by Alex Pantling/Getty Images)
(Photo by Alex Pantling/Getty Images) /

Whether it is the jingle from the ice cream truck or the promise of a sweet scoop, everyone is screaming for more ice cream. According to Instacart data, one ice cream flavor continues to be the top scoop. More interesting, this classic ice cream flavor found its way to win the hearts of one state.

Summer and ice cream go hand in hand. Although no one wants that cone to melt too quickly, the sweet treat is a simple way to bring smiles all around. Young, old, and even some four-legged friends enjoy a cone, bowl, or bar.

While most people can agree that ice cream is a sweet, satisfying indulgence, people can disagree on their favorite flavor. Recently, Instacart analyzed its data to determine the top ice cream flavor in each state.

Capturing 30% of the purchases, vanilla is the most popular ice cream flavor. With 21 states putting vanilla tops, there are many reasons for adding that pint to the cart. It might seem plain jane, but vanilla might be the most versatile option in the freezer.

According to Laurentia Romaniuk, Instacart’s Trends Expert, “It’s no surprise most states in the country are partial to vanilla ice cream because it’s arguably the most versatile of them all. The luscious vanilla flavor effortlessly enhances a variety of desserts, whether it’s nestled in a chocolate sundae, paired a-la-mode with a slice of pie or cobbler, or simply savored in its pure form with a delightful sprinkle topping. As such, it holds the title of America’s favorite ice cream overall, and we don’t foresee it losing its lead anytime soon!”

While vanilla might be tops, other top choices were chocolate, coffee, mint, rocky road, and even moose tracks. Although no one expected that a savory ice cream would surge to the top spot, it is curious that cookies and cream is no where on the list. That ice cream flavor is often a top choice.

Even more interesting that that one classic ice flavor earned top billing in Washington DC. The district loves strawberry. It might be the forgotten flavor in Neapolitan ice cream, but some people still love it. Maybe there could be a resurgence of appreciation for that fruit-flavored frozen dessert.

Don’t forget July 16 is National Ice Cream Day. It could be the perfect excuse to have a classic ice cream flavor for breakfast, lunch and dinner.