Taquito-rita cocktail gives the over the top Bloody Mary competition

Taquito-rita cocktail from Delimex and JAJA Tequila, photo provided by Delimex
Taquito-rita cocktail from Delimex and JAJA Tequila, photo provided by Delimex /

While salt or no salt might be a standard question for a margarita, it is time to upgrade that classic cocktail with some flavorful garnishes. That Bloody Mary brunch cocktail might need to take a back seat to the Taquito-rita cocktail from Delimex Taquitos and JAJA Tequila.

Cocktail culture is constantly evolving. Although the classic cocktail will never fade from view, creativity is filling the glass. From vibrant colors to savory flavors, a boring beverage should never be sipped.

Since presentation has become part of the cocktail conversation, people want an excuse to snap a picture before taking that first sip. Whether it is gasp as the glass hits the table or the image that is talked about until the next happy hour, people want a drinking experience, not just another pour.

The Taquito-rita is that take on a margarita. While some mixologists have played with spicy flavors, grilled fruit, or even spirit swaps, the garnish is usually straight forward. Salt, muddled peppers or fruit are common. With this option, the glass holds a beverage and a snack.

JAJA Tequila partnered with Delimex Taquitos for this unique combination. As seen in the visual, the offering includes a garnish of Delimex Taquitos, jalapeño peppers, lime, and a crunchy celery stalk. Some people might want one just for the extras.

Taquito-rita cocktail from Delimex and JAJA Tequila
Taquito-rita cocktail from Delimex and JAJA Tequila, photo provided by Delimex /

Although a snack with a cocktail can make for a good food and beverage pairing, this particular Taquito-rita is full of creative flavors. The JAJA Tequila based margarita is slightly spicy with the muddled jalapenos, but it has a hint of sweet and sour from the lime and agave syrup.

What sets this particular offering apart from others is the use of a sour cream foam. While that layer adds a creamy texture to the sour cocktail, it also imparts a savory note. It can add balance to the overall sipping experience.

Thinking about the sour cream foam, the concept could be applied to other recipes as well. As savory cocktails are becoming more prevalent, foams are not limited to just a cold brew or a decorative item on a plate. Why couldn’t there be a crème fraiche option on a sweet Cosmopolitan or a nutmeg forward choice on an espresso martini.

The special Taquito-rita is available at New York City’s Refinery Rooftop. It will be on the menu through July 24 and is priced at $20. For those not in the vicinity, GoPuff will be offering the item for sale, while supplies last.

Isn’t it time that more cocktails get a creative garnish? The Taquito-rita might just be the start.

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