Ready to remix Sonic drinks just like your favorite pop music superstars?

Pop Music Stars share their remix Sonic drinks, photo provided by Sonic
Pop Music Stars share their remix Sonic drinks, photo provided by Sonic /

While Sonic might be America’s Drive-In, hitting the open road is filled with a memorable soundtrack. Even when that thirst hits, singing to that favorite song will not be paused. This summer everyone can give that favorite beverage a little upgrade because it is time to remix Sonic drinks, just like some favorite pop music superstars.

Many people love those “stars like us” moments. Whether it is sharing the love of a particular food, a particular theme park ride, or just visiting the same hot spot. No matter the scenario, people want to foster that connection. When that favorite song is playing and a person can be enjoying that same favorite beverage, it is a moment that resonates strongly.

As Lori Abou Habib, Chief Marketing Officer of SONIC, “Whether they’re jamming in the car at the drive-in or at a music festival, we know music is a huge part of our fans’ lives. Now, we’re partnering with these talented artists to showcase their favorite ways to customize their drinks at SONIC. Just as their genres offer music for every fan, there’s a drink to satisfy every craving at SONIC.”

With the new Sonic campaign, the popular quick service restaurant brand wants to not only create a connection with favorite pop music superstars but also to foster guests’ personal food creativity. That ability to remix Sonic drinks to a perfect sipper could be the way for everyone to showcase their own food stardom.

remix Sonic drinks from pop music stars
Pop Music Stars share their remix Sonic drinks, photo provided by Sonic /

What are the new remix Sonic drinks that guests can enjoy?

Sonic partnered with four pop music superstars for this campaign. They are JP Saxe, Kelsea Ballerini, Lainey Wilson, and Metro Booming. The four artists’ remix Sonic drinks are:

  • JP Saxe – Mango Slush with NERDS Candy
  • Kelsea Ballerini – Ocean Water® with Blue Raspberry and Lime
  • Lainey Wilson – Sprite® Zero with Strawberries and Sugar-Free Peach
  • Metro Boomin – Lemonade with Strawberries and Vanilla

While Sonic guests can easily enjoy one of these remixes, they can create their own customized beverage, too. Given all the options on the menu, there could be a new flavor for every pitstop on that road trip or a new creation for each Friday night out. No matter the reason, the idea fosters some culinary creativity. Luckily, the Sonic app puts everything at people’s fingertips.

What remix Sonic drinks are your favorite? More importantly, what Sonic food item are you pairing with that beverage?

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