RAGU Kettle Cooked Sauces bring a taste of slow simmer cooking

RAGU Kettle Cooked Sauces, photo provided by RAGU
RAGU Kettle Cooked Sauces, photo provided by RAGU /

Walking into the kitchen to the aroma of tomatoes and spices simmering on the stove can instantly make the stomach growl. Although some cooks might be willing to sit and stir for hours, others may not have that extended time penciled in on their calendar. With the new RAGU Kettle Cooked Sauces, the flavor of all-day cooking can be poured from the jar.

Cooking hacks take all forms. Even though some videos might tout food ideas that are a little questionable, there can be a time and place for semi-homemade hacks. That notion might have been a Food Network staple when the network premiered, but the idea did not need to fade into a memory. Using a few store-bought ingredients to supplement that homemade meal never goes out of style.

With the new RAGU Kettle Cooked Sauces, the food brand brings the idea of slow simmered sauces to the shelf. Starting with ingredients like crushed tomato, basil, oregano and fresh garlic, the resulting sauce’s flavor comes from allowing it time to meld together. As many cooks have come to appreciate, the longer the cooking time, the more the flavor builds.

The three new RAGU sauces come in three options, including Marinara, Roasted Garlic and Tomato Basil. While many people will put these sauces on a pasta, it can be more than just a topping for penne. From the base of a soup to creating a dip, the options are many.

To celebrate the launch of the new RAGU Kettle Cooked sauces, the food brand has partnered with Lasagna Love, a charity that helps to support local communities by fighting hunger and bringing a little kindness to others.

RAGU Kettle Cooked Sauces
RAGU Kettle Cooked Sauces, photo provided by RAGU /

As Megan Frank, Senior Vice President, Marketing, Mizkan America, Inc., the maker of RAGÚ, said, “We are very excited to partner with Lasagna Love again this year to support their mission to help communities nationwide. We believe ‘homemade’ doesn’t have to mean spending all day in the kitchen, new RAGÚ Kettle Cooked sauces offer a smart shortcut with a rich and savory homemade taste that makes mealtime even easier.”

Through this Lasagna Love partnership, RAGU, local chefs and volunteers in Detroit, Pittsburgh, Houston, and Paramus, New Jersey, will prepare and deliver lasagna to people in need. While the brand can do this idea on a large scale, anyone can join the concept for National Lasagna Day. Why not make an extra serving and share with a friend or neighbor. After all, food can be a way to share love with others.

Speaking to why lasagna is more than just a favorite family mea, Rhiannon Menn, founder of Lasagna Love said, “Lasagna is so much more than just a meal to us. For us, it’s a symbol of goodwill and kindness and opportunity to deliver a home-cooked dish with love and respect and help strengthen the bonds between communities, friends and families. With over 45,000 volunteers in all 50 states, we’re proud of the work our community volunteers have done and are honored to partner with RAGÚ to inspire more people to join our mission of serving others.”

The new RAGU Kettle Cooked Sauces are starting to arrive in retailers across the U.S., including Meijer and Kroger stores. Additional stores, including Target will arrive in August. The sauces are sold in 24-ounce jars. Check with retailers for pricing and availability.

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