Froot Loops fans embrace the goodr flamboyance with the new collection

Froot Loops goodr sunglasses collection, photo provided by goodr
Froot Loops goodr sunglasses collection, photo provided by goodr /

While the high temperature might have taken over the country, many people want to get out and enjoy some fun in the sun. With the new goodr Froot Loops collection, that vibrant, flavorful world is front and center for all to see with this new food fashion offering.

Food fashion is everywhere. It is more than just a t-shirt with a beverage logo. People can create a whole ensemble highlighting their favorite food, restaurant brand, or iconic food character. That fashion choice is a way for people to express their love for a flavor or their affinity for meal that has been with them for decades.

With the goodr Froot Loops collection, the popular sunglasses brand is bringing the fruity breakfast cereal into its fashionable world. For those unfamiliar with goodr, the sunglasses brand focuses on the four Fs, Fun, Fashion, Function, and ‘Ffordability.

For people who want to be able to change their sunglasses with their outfit, the goodr brand ensures that there is always a colorful, functional choice within their reach. Plus, the brand’s sunglasses are polarized, no slip and no bounce. From playing on the beach to relaxing in the backyard, this brand can handle it all.

Froot Loops goodr sunglasses collection
Froot Loops goodr sunglasses collection, photo provided by goodr /

Speaking to this special collaboration, goodr’s notorious avian CEO, Carl the Flamingo, said “You may be wondering how Toucan Sam and I me. I came across Sam mid-air as he was following his nose to your kitchen table to snag a bowl of Froot Loops. Since birds of a feather flock together, I couldn’t help but follow. We bonded deeply over an auspicious breakfast date and from that meeting, the idea for the Froot Loops collection was born. He was NOT a fan of my idea for Shrimp Loops. Don’t worry though, I’ll keep working on it.”

Although Shrimp Loops might not be a flavor that food enthusiasts can get behind, cereal fans will definitely want to add these goodr sunglasses to their collection. The three styles are Follow Your Nose, to the Spooniverse; Feathery, Frooty Focals; and A Faceful of Froot Loops. The first two styles are featured on the OG sunnies and the A Faceful of Froot Loops is featured on the Circle G’s.

The special Froot Loops collection is available via the goodr website. Each pair retails for $30. Ready to pour yourself a bowl and put on some shades? That fruity world is bright and everyone needs some shades.