FatBoy ice cream celebrates the unapologetically awesome Funcle

FatBoy ice cream celebrated Funcles, photo provided by FatBoy Ice Cream
FatBoy ice cream celebrated Funcles, photo provided by FatBoy Ice Cream /

While much can be said about grandma and her indulgent ways with the grandkids, but another family member holds the crown for fun, the Funcle. With a little help from FatBoy ice cream all the fun uncles will become even more popular with those nieces and nephews.

In honor of National Uncle and Aunt Day, FatBoy ice cream is crowning itself Official Ice Cream of the Fun Uncle and Aunt. Whether it is a biological connection or an honorary uncle, many people have that special person who always knows how to bring a levity to the situation. It is time to celebrate all those fun memories in a big way.

Some people look to that funcle as the life of the party, the person who will buy your first beer at 21, or might be the one you call when mom and dad won’t accept “those” phone charges. No matter the situation, that person is beloved. He might not exactly be the most quiet or unassuming person in the group, but he will always be remembered.

FatBoy ice cream
FatBoy ice cream celebrated Funcles, photo provided by FatBoy Ice Cream /

As Reed Damon, chief marketing officer at Casper’s Ice Cream said, “Parents get all the credit. Sure, they keep kids safe and healthy day in and out, but where’s the fun in that? When it comes to unapologetic awesomeness, no one can compare to everyone’s favorite Uncle or Aunt. And, it’s only natural that the fun Uncle and Aunt always have FatBoy in their freezer.”

To celebrate all those fun uncles and aunts, FatBoy is giving away childhood supply of FatBoy ice cream. In addition, there are some ultimate Funcle (or Faunt) Starter Packs up for grabs, too. These special offerings include everything needed for the ultimate ice cream party.

If your favorite funcle or fuant deserves to be recognized, submit their story to www.fatboyfuncle.com. Their legendary status could earn them a win.

What is FatBoy looking for in these stories? It is unclear. To earn that legendary description, their stories better make people take notice. It is more than letting the kids stay up and watch Friday the 13th for the first time or eating ice cream for breakfast. Hopefully the brand will share some of the most memorable submissions.

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