FanFuel Extra Kick Coffee offers the bold kick-start to the day

FanFuel Extra Kick Coffee, photo provided by FanDuel
FanFuel Extra Kick Coffee, photo provided by FanDuel /

Need to kick-start the day with caffeine. The new FanFuel Extra Kick Coffee from FanDuel and North Edge Craft Coffee is the morning must have after watching USWNT take on the competition at the World Cup. Being bright eyed the morning after watching those matches has never been easier.

As USWNT looks to earn victory in their hard fought matches, soccer fans are glued to screens watching every play. Unfortunately, the matches air closer to late night programming than mid-day diversions. For those people who forego that beauty sleep, the morning after might leave them a little less perky.

While FanDuel might be the premier online gaming company in North America, the company has another winning idea that has guaranteed odds. The limited time offering FanFuel Extra Kick Coffee in partnership with female owned roastery North Edge Craft Coffee is the perfect way to start the day.

Speaking to this special coffee offering, Jennifer Matthews, VP Brand Strategy, FanDuel, said, “The USWNT is primed for a three-peat, but the upcoming international tournament presents a challenge for some US fans who may find it difficult to tune in. That’s where FanDuel comes in. We know the passion and dedication of fans across the country, and we’re here to support them, providing extra fuel to ensure fans have the energy they need to get through the next day after late-night or early morning match watching. FanDuel takes pride in being absurdly fan-focused and wants to rally fans together behind Team USA.”

FanFuel Extra Kick Coffee
FanFuel Extra Kick Coffee, photo provided by FanDuel /

Since some people are very particular about their coffee, the FanFuel Extra Kick Coffee has been crafted to offer a smooth, satisfying flavor. According to North Edge Craft Coffee, it is a medium to dark roast coffee. It is designed to be enjoy either hot or as a cold brew. With some sweet notes and a touch of earthiness, it is the perfect sip to wipe away sleep and sooth the throat after a night cheering on Team USA.

It is interesting that FanDuel is branching out into the food and beverage space. Whether it is the upcoming NFL season or any of the sports leagues, there could be a big opportunity for the brand to cross over into the food space.

The FanFuel Extra Kick Coffee offering can be purchased on FanDuel or via the North Edge Craft Coffee website.

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