Baskin-Robbins kicks off August a new cake option and Game Night flavor

Baskin-Robbins Game Night flavor August Flavor of the Month, photo provided by Baskin-Robbins
Baskin-Robbins Game Night flavor August Flavor of the Month, photo provided by Baskin-Robbins /

While even though National Ice Cream Month has passed, there are more than 31 reasons to enjoy a scoop at Baskin-Robbins. Ready to go all in on ice cream?

Kicking off the ice cream food news at Baskin-Robbins, the iconic brand is upgrading its cake offerings. When two desserts are served in a single slice, it is always a party.

The new Confetti Cake features a special Confetti Cake Layer. It is definitely a flavor party.

Speaking to the new cake offering, Hannah Suits, Director of Brand Marketing for Baskin-
Robbins said, “Baskin-Robbins is all about bringing people together to celebrate yay-worthy moments and our August lineup is the ultimate embodiment of that. Classic cake layers paired with guests’ favorite ice cream flavors is what makes a Baskin-Robbins ice cream cake so special, and we’re thrilled to sprinkle in an all-new cake option with the Confetti Cake Layer.”

Thinking about this new cake flavor, it seeks to serve as a reminder that ice cream cakes are a great choice for any celebration. From birthdays to the first day of school, there is a reason to have a special dessert.

In addition, confetti continues to be a popular flavor with both young and old. Somehow chocolate and sprinkles will instantly bring smiles all around.

Baskin-Robbins Game Night flavor August Flavor of the Month
Baskin-Robbins Game Night flavor August Flavor of the Month, photo provided by Baskin-Robbins /

What is the Baskin-Robbins August Flavor of the Month?

According to Baskin-Robbins, the August Flavor of the Month is Game Night. Based on the flavor description, the odds are good that everyone will want a double serving. As Suits said, “We’re also taking things to the next level with Game Night by featuring Mars M&M® MINIS chocolate candies to bring the perfect balance of sweet and salty in a scoop full of everyone’s favorite game night snacks.”

Game Night ice cream features “salted caramel ice cream teams up with colorful M&M’S® MINIS chocolate candies, crunchy buttered popcorn flavored clusters and a sweet-but-savory caramel pretzel flavored swirl.” Based on the flavor combination, it is a winner in both sweetness and texture. Sometimes that little extra crunch makes each spoonful even more enjoyable.

Thinking about the Game Night ice cream, it seems to be a smart choice going into the fall sports season. And, it could give a glimpse about Baskin-Robbins direction going into the fall. Even though there are some classic flavors associated with the change of seasons, some people might prefer to have an “overload” eating experience. Game Night delivers that concept. Could the September Flavor of the Month be even more outrageous?

The new Confetti Cake and Game Night August flavor of the month are available now at participating locations. Check with stores for pricing and availability.

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