Pepsi Dig In highlights Black-owned restaurants in Washington D.C.

Pepsi Dig In 2023, photo provided by Pepsi
Pepsi Dig In 2023, photo provided by Pepsi /

When the iconic beverage brand launched Pepsi Dig In, the concept was more than just a one-time event. The program intended to not only drive awareness and growth, but also empower both Black-owned business and the community that supports them. With this year’s block party in Washington, D.C., the celebration looks to turn a single day into a bigger commitment.

August is National Black Business Month. Over the years, the annual event raises awareness but also supports this segment of the business community. Beyond the power behind the purchase, it is a time to have a bigger conversation. As other restaurateurs and business people have stated, the strength of the community brings success to everyone involved. From specifically traveling to particular locales to sharing positive reviews about the experience, it is the total package that can foster a robust conversation.

With this year’s Pepsi Dig In program, the August 19 event in Washington, D.C. will feature local Black businesses, curated dining events, and more. It might not be the traditional block party, but it is an opportunity to appreciate the diversity in flavors and approaches that this business segment offers.

As Scott Finlow, Chief Marketing Office of PepsiCo Global Foodservice said, “Our goal for Pepsi Dig In has always been to celebrate and generate awareness for Black-owned restaurants, not just on Pepsi Dig In Day, but all year long. This year, we’re turning up the flavor and excitement with the supper of renowned partners like the James Beard Foundation and events like our Washington, D.C. block party where people can indulge in delicious food, cheer on talented chefs, and soak up the vibrant culture that accompanies every dish.”

Pepsi Dig In 2023
Pepsi Dig In 2023, photo provided by Pepsi /

Pepsi Dig In 2023 is a multi-faceted celebration of Black-owned businesses

Since it takes a community raising their voices in support, the 2023 Pepsi Dig In celebration targets several aspects. First, the special Washington, D.C. block party on August 19 at Sandlot Anacostia will feature a variety of performances. Since Pepsi has long supported the music community, it is a time to let the beat take over while enjoying bites from local restaurants like Roaming Rooster, Jerk at Nite, Money Muscle BBQ and more.

Although many people would like to attend the event in person, Pepsi Dig In is making it easier for everyone to enjoy a dinner at a Black-owned restaurant. Certain locales in Los Angeles, Nashville, Chicago, Houston, and other cities could receive a free meal. Pepsi is covering $100,000 of free food. Restaurants can be found via EatOkra or delivery orders can be found at Black and Mobile. The offer is available while supplies last.

While these special events reach a wide audience, Pepsi Dig In is working with Platform by the James Beard Foundation to highlight the culinary creativity from four Black chefs. As the Foundation has previously discussed, it is committed to raising voices of minority chefs across the culinary community. This special event is another example of that initiative.

In addition to these specialty programs, Pepsi is committed to giving Black restaurateurs the opportunity to learn and grow in the industry. From its Restaurant Royalty Residency program with MGM Resorts International to the Black Restaurants Deliver program, these programs help to bring a strong foundation and give them the chance to grow.

The Pepsi Dig In program is part of PepsiCo’s Racial Equality Journey. More information on Pepsi Dig In, including the special events can be found online.

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