Pepsi Dig In Restaurant Royalty Residency program comes to MGM Resorts

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While the lights of the Strip captivate people, the flavors from the Las Vegas restaurants have turned the locale into a culinary destination. The list of famous chefs with restaurant is long. From Gordon Ramsay to Dominique Ansel, the names read like a who’s who of culinary elite. With the Pepsi Dig In Restaurant Royalty Residency program, a new group of chefs are getting a moment to shine at MGM Resorts.

Previously, Pepsi launched its Dig In program. The purpose of this initiative is to “drive access, business acceleration and awareness for Black-owned restaurants.” From offering support to the chefs to making it easier for patrons to find restaurants and support these businesses, the idea is to offer the support to allow these businesses to thrive.

The program has proven to be successful on many levels. From giving chefs a community to guests who want to sit at their tables, the idea shows that people want to sit at a table and enjoy the experience. The food is one component, but the collective effort is even more inspiring.

Recently, Pepsi announced an extension of its program. The Pepsi Dig In Restaurant Royalty Residency Program brings celebrated Black restaurant industry leaders to MGM Resorts for the next several months. Through pop-up events, these chefs will bring their culinary vision to Luxor’s Public House and Mandalay Bay’s Libertine Social. The specially curated menu look to highlight the style, vibe and culture that is offered at each chef’s signature locale.

According to Scott Finlow, CMO of PepsiCo Global Foodservice, “The intense consumer passion in response to our Restaurant Royalty nomination program is the type of groundswell action that Pepsi Dig In was created to ignite for Black-owned businesses. Bringing in partners, like the world-renowned MGM Resorts, is how we leverage our platform to amplify these fan-favorite establishments. Las Vegas is a city for revelers and foodies alike and serves as the perfect stage to spotlight talented Black restaurateurs and chefs, highlight their food, and grow their audiences.”

The Pepsi Dig In Restaurant Residency Program begins on October 9 with Chef JJ Johnson of FIELDTRIP. The New York based restaurant is known for Southern inspired fare that is still approachable. More importantly, FIELDTRIP is known for its “rice culture,” believing that rice can be the ingredient that tells and connects cultures. e

Following the Chef JJ residency, Trill Burgers, Slim and Husky’s, FoodChasers Kitchen, and Trap Kitchen will participate in this program. The program will run through the end of February with each pop-up running several weeks.

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