Hungry to score a free Chili’s 3 for Me Meal?

Free Chili’s 3 for Me Meal promotion, photo provided by Chili's
Free Chili’s 3 for Me Meal promotion, photo provided by Chili's /

Food costs continue to be a hot topic of conversation. The reality is that a free meal, or a great restaurant deal, can change the dinner plans. Luckily a free Chili’s 3 for Me Meal could be in the cards.

Starting today, August 2 and for three days, Chili’s will be giving away free 3 for Me Meals. The promotion is simple. Head to X (or Twitter for those who prefer a name versus a letter) and share why they prefer a Chili’s meal over fast food. Entries should be tagged with #3ForMeRescue. 1,000 meals will be given away.

According to George Felix, CMO of Chili’s “The appeal of fast food has always been in the price point, but these days a trip through the drive-thru isn’t delivering the same bang for your buck, and guests are noticing. As costs continue to rise for soggy French fries and sad burgers, Chili’s has you covered with the best value in town — the 3 For Me, including bottomless chips and salsa, a delicious cheeseburger and fries, and a bottomless soda for just $10.99.”

free Chili’s 3 for Me Meal promotion
Free Chili’s 3 for Me Meal promotion, photo provided by Chili’s /

The restaurant industry is a competitive space. While quality and flavor always bring people to the table, it is value that is the newest driver. Although people can debate whether cooking at home is a cost saver, the reality is overspending for that meal out leaves people feeling empty.

The Chili’s 3 For Me Meal delivers what guests want, good food at a great price. Combining a bottomless non-alcoholic beverage, appetizer and entrée at a starting price of $10.99 is totally filling yet not wallet emptying. And, to Felix’s point, the idea of enjoying meal at a table, instead of out of bag, at a similar price point is more satisfying.

As people comment online about why they deserve the free food, it will be interesting to read the commentary. While some statements might be cutting and others might be humorous, the reality is that brands need to listen to their guests. It is more than just feedback at the table. Understanding how, what and why people order is vital to keeping those restaurant tables filled.

Is it time for a Chili’s 3 For Me Meal? The opportunity awaits for some lucky people.

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