Forget the latte, pumpkin beers have arrived ahead of sweater weather

Samuel Adams Jack-O arrives as of August 1, photo provided by Samuel Adams
Samuel Adams Jack-O arrives as of August 1, photo provided by Samuel Adams /

Even though the pumpkin patch will not be ready for another couple months, pumpkin beers have appeared on the shelf. For anyone who is ready to put away that shandy, the fall favorite beers are back. Maybe it is time to start planning that Halloween costume.

Two major beer brands have starting selling their fall beers as of August 1. Although some people would happily enjoy a pumpkin spice latte at any time of the year, the pumpkin beers can be a little more seasonal. Even though there are a long list of options from a plethora of brewers, the reality is that some people enjoy those warm, spicy ales. Maybe consuming one or two could simulate an end to the current heat wave.

What pumpkin beers are on the shelf now?

According to Samuel Adams, the brand is now selling its fall line-up, which includes Samuel Adams Jack-O. For anyone who enjoys a pumpkin beer but prefers a more subtle flavor, this beer delivers. The crisp finish makes for easy drinking. While the warm, seasonal spices are apparent, the balance with fresh citrus makes for a multitude of food pairings. From that football tailgate to an Octoberfest brat, one of these beers should always be chilled and ready to drink.

Another popular beer brand has kicked off pumpkin season. Dogfish Head Punkin Ale looks all new on the shelf. With a new design and available in a can, the favorite fall beer can go wherever the party takes place.

Dogfish Head Punkin Ale
Dogfish Head Punkin Ale new design, photo provided by Dogfish Head /

Although far different from those Dogfish IPAs, this full-bodied brown ale has a stunning color when poured into a glass. While there are sweet brown sugar notes, it is the real pumpkin flavor that comes through in every sip. Even though the spices round out the enjoyment, this beer is the offering that deserves a moment to ponder. It might be a little off-center, but it is right on target as a must drink fall beer.

For anyone who loves pumpkin beers, Elysian’s Great Pumpkin Beer Fest is the ultimate celebration of the seasonal beverage. Check out a recap of last year’s event.

Although everyone will have to wait a little long for this year’s event, Elysian and pumpkin beers go hand in hand. Hopefully their offerings will soon arrive on shelves. Until then, it might be time to plan a trip to this year’s Great Pumpkin Beer Fest.

Ready to embrace the fall flavors? Pumpkin beers are here and Festbiers will be right around the corner.

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