Ready to wrap up a Reynolds Wrap Wild West Steak-cation

Reynolds Wrap Wild West Steak-cation ultimate grilling giveaway, photo provided by Reynolds Wrap
Reynolds Wrap Wild West Steak-cation ultimate grilling giveaway, photo provided by Reynolds Wrap /

Kitchen essentials come in all shapes and forms. From the favorite knife to the gadget that gets everything done. In many kitchens, aluminum foil is always withing reach. With the Reynolds Wrap Wild West Steak-cation, the brand is ready to give one griller the ultimate cooking adventure.

The grill master often has some super secret tricks that have been perfected over the years. Whether it is the exact number of tongs clicks to knowing where the hot spot is on the grill, there are plenty of nuances that make that steak, burger, or hot dog taste just better.

Still, cooking outside is a skill. From the wind that can cause a flare up to the quick shower that dowses the flame, it can make anyone long for the controlled kitchen environment. Still, there is nothing more exciting that taking on that food cooking challenge.

With the Reynolds Wrap Wild West Steak-cation, one lucky person will get the opportunity to master their open-fire grilling skills. According to the brand, it will turn even the city slicker into the ultimate rancher.

Emanuel De Luca, senior brand manager, Reynolds Consumer Products, “Western-inspired movies and TV shows are hotter than ever, and we wanted to bring the experience from screen to reality by offering grill enthusiasts their own taste of the wild west. Our Wild West Steak-cation winner will have the chance to truly immerse themselves in the cowboy lifestyle, with Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty Foil as the durable cooking companion they can depend on to enjoy their favorite recipes with easy prep, cook and cleanup.”

To enter the Reynolds Wrap Wild West Steak-cation, entries must include a best grilling recipe which uses Reynolds Wrap. In addition, the entry should explain why you deserve this special prize in 300 worlds or less. Entries can be submitted to andfull rules can be found online.

Thinking about this idea, many people should be able to submit some creative ideas. From the pitmaster who uses the aluminum foil to keep the brisket moist after all those hours on the smoker to the vegetable packets that quickly cook the farm fresh bounty, there are plenty of food ideas to be explored.

While many people will submit a steak or other common grilling recipe, it might be smart to think outside of the box. Even if this idea takes the winner to the ultimate cowboy like experience, it does not have to be tomahawk chop on the plate. Ranchers are innovative and resourceful. That creativity is one of the reasons why they can work the land. Maybe the winning recipe will showcase that concept.

Time to light the flame. Ready to get grilling?

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