Instacart has become the ultimate vacation companion

(Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images)
(Photo by Mark Makela/Getty Images) /

Many people have come to appreciate the time saving methods that Instacart offers. While that purchase from the couch is convenient, the shopping platform could be a traveler’s ultimate vacation companion. From the confiscated sunscreen bottle to the snacks for a beach day, that delivery keeps the fun on the schedule.

When people head out on vacation, the days are about escaping the daily grind. Meetings notices are ignored. Zoom calls do connect. The only reading is that Reese’s Book Club option that has been sitting on the table.

Although all the fun is ready to be enjoyed, some to-do items might need to be accomplished. Even if room service is tempting, ordering kids another juice can come with a hefty price tag. At the same time, no one wants to give up pool time to stand in the check-out line.

Since Instacart has become both a time and money saver at home, it makes sense to use it while on vacation. From the food for the beach day to the forgotten bottle of aspirin, the service can get it all done when it is convenient for the user. Whether delivered to the resort, Airbnb, or even grandma’s house, the company has it all covered.

Instacart’s resident experience Laurentia Romaniuk, laid out her reasons for using Instacart on vacation. Since fun time can be fleeting, Romaniuk suggests using the schedule ahead feature. Whether having a dinner ready when everyone returns from the theme park or having the sunscreen arrive at the hotel for a full day at the pool, picking the time that is convenient is a game changer.

Another tip is to use the delivery service to stock up on snacks and incidentals. While that mini-bar might be tempting, it is far from wallet friendly. Having water, snacks, or even some sports drinks handy can be a cost saver. Smart budgeting on those items leaves more funds to splurge on a fancy dinner or special food or treat.

Lastly, everyone has had that moment when they forgot something at home. Whether it is sun lotion or even a pair of flipflops, Instacart has a wide array of stores that can fill the void. No one needs to sit on the sideline because that favorite hat is sitting on the bed at home.

Time away from home does not mean that convenience has been swept away. Instacart can come to rescue anywhere. It might not be able to guarantee more sun than rain, but it can solve some other concerns.

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