Core Hydration and Hailee Steinfeld discuss a making balance a priority

Core Hydration and Hailee Steinfeld on balanced lifestyles, photo provided by Core Hydration
Core Hydration and Hailee Steinfeld on balanced lifestyles, photo provided by Core Hydration /

While many people appreciate that drinking water is part of a healthy eating lifestyle, checking off a number of glasses a day is only one component. When the scales are tipped too far one way or the other, finding the equilibrium can make the daily grind a little more bearable. In partnership with Core Hydration, Hailee Steinfeld and others are opening the conversation on finding that balance in all lifestyle aspects.

On Tuesday, August 8th at 6:40PM ET/3:40PM PT, Core Hydration, along with Hailee Steinfeld, Lindsay Fleming, LPC and Chinae Alexander will participate in a live stream on the brand’s Instagram channel. During the event, panelists will discuss the importance of bringing balance to daily life.

As Steinfeld commented, “I am excited to join Core Hydration for the Where Balance Begins panel. When our mental and physical health aren’t in sync, we are off balance. It is easy to allow outside stressors to impact our lives and we hope that everyone can walk away from this discussion with the ability to look inward and make choices that support their best selves.”

Although the concept might sound a little lofty, the reality is that little changes can have a big impact. Whether it is putting down that device for 10 minutes a day or adding an extra serving of fruit to breakfast, those decisions can have a bigger impact. It all comes down to the choice to put yourself on the list and cross out the stressors that cloud the mindset.

Looking a recent statistics, people are feeling overworked, overcommitted, and overstimulated. From the inability to close the laptop to longing to connect with friends, finding that balance between work, life, and personal pursuits is not as easy as it seems. Sometimes it can come down to just making one choice, like focusing on changing a beverage, food, or single activity.

Much can be said about healthy eating, balanced lifestyles and other positive choices. Although the rules for some of those ideas might seem black and white, there is much more grey in the reality. Still, it all comes down to a choice.

Creating a habit does not happen overnight. Instead of focusing on the idea of willpower and structure, focus on just making the choice. Over time, those simple decisions become routine. It is more about choosing to take the first step and all the other ones will follow.

At the same time, no one believes that a stumble cannot happen along the way. Instead of focusing on the miss, it is a reminder that balance is key. The old phrase of practice makes progress, not perfection comes into play.

For more on this Where Balance Begins, tune into Core Hydration’s Instagram page on August 8. Questions can be submitted prior to the event via social media.

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