S’mores trends have people fired up about the classic treat

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A summertime favorite, s’mores invite people to play with their food. Even though there is always caution near the flame, the reality is that the process is just as important as that first bite. Recently, Instacart studied some s’mores trends and people are very particular with their choices.

Certain foods are popular across generations. From that first memory that is flavored with laughter to recreating that moment with friends and family, the reality is that food connects the past, present and future.

S’mores are one of those food choices. Whether it was the summer camp moment made with new friends or the Saturday night backyard tradition, many people can relate to that dessert. In some ways, summer is not complete without having that dessert at least once.

As Laurentia Romaniuk, Instacart’s Trends Expert commented, “A few months ago, travel experts predicted this would be a record-breaking year for summer vacations. With all kinds of travel booming this season – including camping trips with friends and family – the increase in purchases for s’mores ingredients on Instacart was not a surprise as s’mores and the great outdoors go hand in hand. Backing this up, our survey found that 25% of Americans who love or like eating s’mores agree that s’mores are a highlight of the camping/outdoor experience.”

What s’mores trends are flavoring that sweet experience?

According to Instacart, purchases for s’mores ingredients are up about 7.5% year over year. While people can debate if a graham cracker is better than a cookie, the reality is that a marshmallow, candy, and a crunchy item are the basic offerings. Sure, some people might prefer a Reese’s to a Hershey’s or want a flavored marshmallow, the basic concept is still there.

Even though Fridays tend to be s’mores night, the biggest debate around the fire is how much that marshmallow should be toasted. According to Instacart, 61% of respondents say that the marshmallow should be on fire at some point. It might not be engulfed in flames, but it needs some type of char for optimum flavor.

Generally, the consensus is that the marshmallow should be golden. While 11% prefer for that marshmallow to be heavily charred, 1% never want any heat to touch that sugary goodness. Maybe those people just don’t want sticky fingers.

Since it seems that many people have to have s’mores at least once during the summer, that craving for the flavor extends beyond the campfire. S’mores flavored food fills the aisles. From flavoring coffee to granola bars, there are plenty of options.

Whether it is a taste of nostalgia, tradition, or just the love of those ingredients, s’mores trends show that summertime is not complete without enjoying some. Ready to eat some more?

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