Target runs just got better with Drive Up with Starbucks

Drive Up with Starbucks at Target, photo provided by Target
Drive Up with Starbucks at Target, photo provided by Target /

From school runs to long work days, the schedule is often jammed packed with to-do lists. Being able to order, pick-up, and continue onto the next item is key for many people. With Drive Up with Starbucks, Target runs are even more satisfying.

Some people enjoy that opportunity to stroll the aisles, ponder the choice, and uncover that next great find. At Target, the shopping experience can begin with a Starbucks stop. Shopping can be more enjoyable when sipping a Macchiato or Refresher.

While some people might thirst for that sweet sip, the convenience of pick-up can let that craving go unsatisfying. Now, with Drive Up with Starbucks, shoppers can get both their Target list and a Starbucks delivered directly to their car.

According to Mark Schindele, chief stores officer, Target, “Our guests have long told us Drive Up is a game-changer, adding convenience to their daily life, especially when they’re short on time. We’ve continued listening to our guests, who’ve told us overwhelmingly that Drive Up with Starbucks would bring even more ease and joy to every Target run. This one-of-a-kind service — available only at Target — is the latest example of how we’re innovating every day to meet the needs of our guests.”

Drive Up with Starbucks at Target
Drive Up with Starbucks at Target, photo provided by Target /

This option changes the conversation on the traditional Target run but also the idea of self-care. Even though shopping can be a chore, there can be some perks with roaming the aisle. It might be that new treat or favorite childhood food. At Target, it was often that Starbucks drink. Just because the shopping process is streamlined thanks to Drive Up doesn’t mean that another stop has to be added to enjoy that Frappuccino. It is the ultimate convenience with an added benefit.

Whether it is the mom who does not want to get out of the car with all the kids or busy worker who just needs a break, there are plenty of people who will use this service. A few years back, Uber started allowing users to stack stops or combine orders from multiple food shops. Streamlining the process is not only good for the consumer but also for the company. Convenience is and will continue to be king.

The new Target Drive Up with Starbucks will be available at 1,700 Target stores. The service will be available by October.

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