Wine Bar George wine experience adds clarity to tasting wine

Wine Bar George at Disney Springs, photo provided by Wine Bar George
Wine Bar George at Disney Springs, photo provided by Wine Bar George /

While Disney Springs is bustling with food and beverage options, Wine Bar George feels like a little enclave. From bites and boards to a flight of wines, what might start as a small stop turns into a moment to linger, sip, and savor. For those who want a little more discussion with that pour, the special Wine Bar George wine experience can be an afternoon to remember.

When talking about wine, some people can focus on the complexity. Others might think that the varieties are too complicated. In many cases, most wine drinkers fall in the middle. Although they might have a particular style, flavor, or even locale that they love, learning a little more about those beverages can be beneficial. Similar to how a cooking event can broaden the mind to the nuances in the kitchen, a wine tasting class make the glass seem fuller.

On select dates in August, the Wine Bar George wine experience gives an intimate group an opportunity to taste and talk about wine. Led by Master Sommelier George Miliotes, the 90-minute event is for wine newbies and those who appreciate a great bottle. The blind tasting presents six wines from different regions. In addition, the event includes small food bites to enjoy during the tasting and conversation.

During a recent conversation with George, he explained what guests can expect from the Wine Bar George wine experience. Specifically, he mentioned that it is a casual and fun setting. While there is a discussion about how to taste and enjoy wine, “there’s a little bit of stand-up comedy to it, too.”

This special event is meant to be a non-confrontational discussion. As George commented, “There’s a lot of time when we think about wine tasting and there’s an angst around it. I don’t want to get caught up in that wheel.”

Since the event is a blind tasting, George believes that this methodology allows everyone to push aside preconceived notions about aromas or flavors. He said, “I think that it is the best way for a novice or anyone to taste, comment, and learn about wine.”

“We all come with baggage when we talk about a specific varietal.” While that statement has proven true too many times, George can recall too many times to count that he can show wine drinkers how those preconceptions should be debunked. Since Wine Bar George only pours quality wines, it shows wine drinkers that they might really like a varietal that they had previously dismissed. A well made wine is not only enjoyable, but it exposes the drinker to a bigger conversation.

Overall, the event is meant to be an engaging afternoon. From spirited conversation to hopefully learning a thing or two along the way, the Wine Bar George wine experience is one that should not be missed.

Tickets for the summer events are on sale now. Included in the wine tasting and conversation is cheese and charcuterie. Additional dates may be added in the future.

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