Buddy Valastro brings his iconic cake slices to Chuck E. Cheese

Buddy Valastro brings Buddy V's Cake Slice to Chuck E. Cheese, photo provided by Buddy V's Cake Slice
Buddy Valastro brings Buddy V's Cake Slice to Chuck E. Cheese, photo provided by Buddy V's Cake Slice /

From a special birthday celebration to cheering the end of a sports season, families often head to Chuck E. Cheese for that gathering. While the kids love the games, entertainment and pizza, many people want to cap off the occasion with a sweet ending. Buddy Valastro has partnered with the popular family entertainment center to bring his popular Buddy V’s Cake Slice to the menu.

While the Cake Boss might have battled to be the King of Cakes and presented over the top, visually impressive offerings on food television, the celebrity baker, businessman, and family man appreciates that a great cake should be enjoyed by all. Carlo’s Bakery has been delighting people for decades. Those traditional recipes have traveled far beyond New Jersey. Now, even more people can get a slice of that infamous rainbow cake.

Recently, Chuck E. Cheese and Buddy Valastro announced their Buddy V’s Cake Slice partnership at a special event in Union, New Jersey. Speaking to this collaboration, Valastro said, “I am excited to join forces with Chuck E. Cheese, bringing some of my all-time favorite cake flavors straight to families all over the country. With our proprietary baking and shipping process, we can send our cakes to Chuck E. Cheese Fun Centers, fresh and delicious! This collaboration presents a perfect marriage of my passion for creating delicious desserts and the commitment by Chuck E. Cheese to providing fun, unique experiences. Together, we’ll bring a slice of happiness to every celebration.”

While many people will see this partnership as the sweet ending to a birthday party, it does not have to be just that annual event. Any and every day deserves a little sweetness. While the giggles and cheers from winning all those tickets make kids ecstatic, the food always flavors the memories and often brings families back for more.

Speaking to the partnership, David McKillips, CEO of CEC Entertainment said, “Chuck E. Cheese is a premier destination for birthday parties and celebrations, so we are very excited to partner with Buddy V’s Cake Slide, bringing Buddy’s incredible cake craftsmanship to our guests. We believe this collaboration is a perfect match, as we hope to provide moments that spark joy and unforgettable memories, and we look forward to celebrating every occasion with cake!”

Included on the menu are Confetti, Vanilla Rainbow, and Chocolate Fudge. The cake slice options are available for individual purchase or as a birthday party package add-on.

Thinking about these three flavors, they have broad appeal. From the person who prefers rich, classic chocolate to the colorful appearance of the Vanilla Rainbow, it is a reminder that dessert deserves a place on the table. Even if that big slice is shared between the kids and parents, a little treat can make any day a little brighter.

Plus, by offering the cake by the slice, people might be more willing to place that order. Sometimes a whole cake is a little much. Who hasn’t been tempted to take a forkful when that slice is placed on the table.

This partnership is through Virtual Dining Concepts. Buddy V’s Cake Slice can also be purchased online or via other third-party delivery services.

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