HelloFresh launches Eats by T-Pain meals that are perfectly in tune, interview

HelloFresh launches Eats by T-Pain, photo provided by HelloFresh
HelloFresh launches Eats by T-Pain, photo provided by HelloFresh /

Many cooks have turned to HelloFresh and its meal-kits as the flavorful dinner solution. From the person who is learning the nuances of cooking to the experienced cook who wants the prep work handled, there are a bounty of reasons to place that order. In a new campaign for the company, the Eats by T-Pain meals will have many people putting these recipes on repeat.

In a recent company announcement, HelloFresh partnered with T-Pain and Jimmy O. Yang to launch a special recipe series as well as some humorous takes on being the Next HelloFresh Spokesperson. While the ads capture people’s attention, it is the food that has people has people talking.

Speaking to this launch, Marcus von Franck, Chief Marketing Officer at HelloFresh North America, said “We’re excited to partner with T-Pain and Jimmy O. Yang who bring their signature styles and sense of humor both to our ads and to our menus. Our goal is to always make cooking an enjoyable, thrilling, and delicious experience. We are confident that our customers will love the bold flavors and unique flavor combinations of Jimmy and T-Pain’s recipes.”

For the Eats by T-Pain meals, the options are T-Pain’s Hot Chicken Mashed Potato Bowls with Roasted Green Beans & Gravy and T-Pain’s Spicy Garlic Chicken Sandwiches with Hot Like the Tropics Pineapple Slaw. These food options have a clear tie to his Southern roots and embrace bold spices. While the home cook can moderate the spice level, these offerings are meant to kick it up another notch.

T-Pain meals from HelloFresh
HelloFresh launches limited time offering of T-Pain meals, photo provided by HelloFresh /

T-Pain discusses his new Eats by T-Pain meals from HelloFresh.

During a recent conversation with FoodSided, T-Pain graciously answered some questions about this new food collaboration. While he has topped the charts with other offerings, this latest launch could be one that had people singing his praises around the table.

Cristine Struble/FoodSided: You have been known for hitting all the right notes in the music industry, how do you find the right harmony when balancing flavors in a recipe?

T-Pain: Ha, I appreciate that – thanks! You know, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have help there. It’s all about getting the right amount of salt and spice. The key is to add a little to start off and you can always add more. Once you add too much, there is no going back. So take it easy.

CS: While some cooks tend to stay in the safe zone when pairing flavors and ingredients, why is it important to find some unique combinations to push those flavor boundaries?

T-Pain: You always need to push flavor boundaries. Just like anything in life or else it’s generic. If not, your food will taste like everything else. You know? So really that is the only way to stand out. It’s the same with music for me. A lot of stuff sounds the same out there so you got to find a way to be unique and stand out from the crowd.

CS: What was your inspiration behind your two dishes being featured with HelloFresh?

T-Pain: Where I’m from and foods I’ve had growing up. I’m from Tallahassee and live in Atlanta so we gotta bring that southern vibe to my recipes. The spice and the hot sauce is the way to go there. Plus, it was super important to me to have recipes that are actually things I eat and cook. We spent weeks going over all different types of options. When HelloFresh sent me my kit to cook up and test, I couldn’t get enough of it.

CS: Finding ways to give favorite comfort food recipes a new twist has become quite popular, how are your dishes bringing together the nostalgia and the innovative?

T-Pain: A chicken sandwich and mashed potato bowl have been done before and that is your comfort food that brings nostalgia. We looked at that as our base and discussed how we can make those different. What can we add that brings something new to the table? We started playing around with different spices. It’s all about the tweaks you make to the seasonings and spices that gives it that new taste and like something you’ve never had before. It’s all in the spices, baby!

CS: What’s your best cooking hack for the person to give them cooking confidence to get behind the stove?

T-Pain: Best cooking hack, get yourself the T-Pain HelloFresh meal kit. We make it SUPER easy for you and they send you great quality ingredients right to your front door. You get your pack, it has the recipe card in it but also all the ingredients are measured out to fit the recipe so it is really hard to mess it up. I’d say start there and to be honest, once you try it, you may not ever want to stop.

CS: What’s your favorite song to play while you’re cooking? Does music spark some extra creativity in the kitchen?

T-Pain: I don’t know if I have a specific song but usually will throw on a Bossa Nova Classics playlist. That’s always my go-to and gets me focused. To be honest, I’m not sure if it sparks some extra creativity in the kitchen but if anything cooking may spark some extra creativity in my music. I’ll have to make a full song about my spicy garlic chicken sandwich. Ha!

The Eats by T-Pain meals from HelloFresh are available from August 20 through the week September 16. Check with the brand for ordering information and pricing.

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