T-Pain owns his ridges and encourages others to appreciate themselves

T-Pain owns his ridges in his Ruffles Commercial, photo provided by Ruffles
T-Pain owns his ridges in his Ruffles Commercial, photo provided by Ruffles /

While T-Pain has his own authentic sound, his recent collaboration with Ruffles is more than just singing the praises of  a tasty potato chip. In the Own Your Ridges campaign, the popular Frito-Lay snack brand celebrates people who “live their originality out loud.” From bold flavors to being un-apologetically unique, it is time to appreciate all your individual glory.

Recently, Ruffles launched its Flamin’ Hot BBQ potato chips. The signature Jayson Tatum flavor, this flavor is both spicy, sweet and totally craveable. In a world of sameness, this chip’s flavor stands out.

As part of the Own Your Ridges campaign, T-Pain joined the conversation. The talented, award winning entertainer has found success both with his signature sound as well as his business savvy. While auto-tune might always bring his name to mind, the entrepreneur is more than just a one note success story.

Check out T-Pain in this Ruffles commercial.

Recently, I had an opportunity to speak with T-Pain about his Ruffles collaboration as well as his best snacking hack. In a very candid comment, he mentioned how important the concept of celebrating yourself and standing out in a crowd matters.

While he admitted “at the beginning of my career, I really didn’t know how to go about really being myself.” Sometimes he choose to model himself after others. But, there was a turning point.

T-Pain realized an important lesson. He said, “I like me more than I liked anyone else.” That concept, an idea that many people take a lifetime to learn, has served him well. By going with “his heart,” he was no longer the blind leading the blind. He was able to “regain vision” and lead himself to “miles of success.”

Although many people struggle to own their own uniqueness, T-Pain encourages everyone to appreciate those qualities that set yourself apart from the crowd. While blending in with the group might be easy, it may not reap the big rewards.

As a GRAMMY nominated artist, T-Pain had some thoughts about the direction of the music industry. While popular music might have the benefit of a particular push, he feels that music has changed due to people’s “attention spans.” Still, he believes that putting yourself into the conversation is always an important part of keeping the discussion moving forward.

With many music fans watching THE GRAMMYS at home, T-Pain shared some of his snacking hacks and favorite snacks. He mentioned that he enjoys some Cheddar Ruffles but found the new Flamin Hot BBQ quite tasty. More importantly, he likes to stack some flavors together for an unique flavor spin. In a way, that idea definitely owns his ridges.

Still, he had a huge snacking hack that everyone should remember. For Flamin’ Hot fans, that red tinge on your fingertips can be troublesome, but T-Pain has a simple solution, hand sanitizer. A little before and after snacking helps to get that redness off. Who knew?

The biggest takeaway from my conversation with T-Pain was clear. Owning your own personality and qualities might not be the easy path but it can be the most rewarding one. Owning your ridges is more than just a snack time concept, it is a guiding principle that can lead to lasting fulfillment.

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What do you think of the concept of owning your ridges? Are you ready to stand out in a crowd?