Ruffles Flamin Hot BBQ wants you to own your ridges

Ruffles Flamin Hot BBQ, photo provided by Ruffles
Ruffles Flamin Hot BBQ, photo provided by Ruffles /

Sometimes a fearless step is a foot in the right direction. With the new Ruffles Flamin Hot BBQ, those iconic ridges are taking a bold step in a creative flavor direction. While BBQ can be sweet and tangy, it now can be flamin’ hot, too. What other creative combinations deserve their moment to celebrate those unique ridges?

Last year, Ruffles announced the first Ruffles Chip Deal with Anthony Davis. Those Ruffles Jalapeno & Lime chips were huge hit. Now, the next great flavor combination is storming up the court.

Jayson Tatum has signed his Ruffles Chip deal and his new chip flavor is making a big flavor statement. In a first for Frito-Lay, BBQ gets a Flamin Hot twist. The combination of sweet, tangy and bold heat is irresistible.

The new Ruffles flavor takes inspiration from Tatum’s favorite flavors and his connection to St. Louis. Known for its iconic BBQ, St. Louis is also known for bold flavors. By bringing the Flamin’ Hot to the BBQ genre, these Ruffles will appeal to both the bbq and spice fan.

Without tempering the heat, that touch of BBQ makes you go back time and again. Just make sure to have some extra napkins. While Cheetos have Cheetle, what is the red tinged Flamin’ hot hands called?

While many people will dive into a bag and enjoy, these chips have a lot of creative food mash-up ideas. From a simple topping to a juicy hamburger to a crumble for a fried chicken sandwich, the flavor boost is a slam dunk.

In some ways, the Flamin hot flavor trend might be here to stay. From the Cheetos to Doritos to the Flamin Dill Pickle, it seems that almost anything can get the Flamin treatment. When Flamin Hot comes to Cracker Jack, the food trend might have hit its saturation point.

How do you own your Ruffles Flamin Hot BBQ ridges?

While many people will be excited about the new snack food, the campaign associated with the Ruffles Flamin Hot BBQ deserves attention. To be seen in upcoming commercial campaigns, Ruffles is celebrating the qualities that make people and things unique.

Ridges make Ruffles unique. They stand out in the snack bowl, unapologetically. Ruffles is encouraging everyone to embrace those qualities that make them unique. Those distinct characteristics make people special and deserve to be celebrated.

The Own Your Ridges campaign will feature Anthony Davis, the original Chip Deal NBA All Star, Jayson Tatum and T-Pain. New commercials will air during the NBA All Star Game as well as during The Grammys.

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Isn’t it time that you own your ridges? More importantly, are you prepared for the bold flavor of the Ruffles Flamin Hot BBQ?