Hot Honey Mango DoughnUTZ changes the breakfast conversation

Hot Honey Mango DoughnUTZ arrives on August 19, photo provided by Dough Doughnuts
Hot Honey Mango DoughnUTZ arrives on August 19, photo provided by Dough Doughnuts /

While some people follow the glow of the red light to an iconic glazed doughnut, some people look for over the top, creative, or even usual doughnut flavors to start their day. That sweet dough can be transformed with sweet, salty, spicy and even savory ingredients. For anyone who is ready to indulge in an unique flavor experience, the Hot Honey Mango DoughnUTZ is a must try.

Starting on August 19, the Hot Honey Mango DoughnUTZ is hitting the bakery case in honor of National Honey Bee Day and National Potato Day. Utz and Mike’s Hot Honey, and Dough Doughnuts partnered on this extreme doughnut offering. Although it is a very limited release, some people will be lining up early to get that first taste.

According to the brands, the specialty doughnut features the following: “hot honey mango glaze, crushed Utz Mike’s Hot Honey Potato Chips and a drizzle of Mike’s Hot Honey.” While that description is relatively straightforward, it is more than just randomly piling ingredients together. It is a carefully planned combination of sweet heat, crunchy textures, and a little spice relief from the whipped, cream cheese.

Hot Honey Mango DoughnUTZ
Hot Honey Mango DoughnUTZ arrives on August 19, photo provided by Dough Doughnuts /

Thinking about this special offering, it showcases Dough Doughnuts dough in the best way. While the toppings will be the primary flavor, they would not be as enjoyable without that spectacular base.

While this special, limited edition doughnut is for the two national food holidays, it shows how hot honey has soared in popularity. When UTZ launched its Mike’s Hot Honey collaboration, it was going to be for a limited time. After the huge response, the potato chips are part of the permanent line-up.

In addition, the collaboration with Dough Doughnuts is an example how other brands can leverage partnerships. Even though this offering is New York specific, the concept demands to be noticed. Whether it causes a Dough Doughnuts customer to switch up their weekend order or it brings in a new customer who is obsessed with the spicy sweet chips, it is a win for everyone involved.

The Hot Honey Mango DoughnUTZ will be available at:

  • Flatiron (14 W 19th St.)
  • Brooklyn (646 Vanderbilt Ave.)
  • Astoria (21-70 31st St.)
  • Rockefeller Center (10 Rockefeller Center)
  • Urbanspace Vanderbilt (230 Park Ave.)
  • Time Out Market (55 Water Street, Brooklyn)

The doughnuts will be sold starting on August 19 for a limited time. Check with locations for availability.

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