Arby’s boneless wings are back with two popular flavors

Arby's brings back boneless wings to the menu, photo provided by Arby's
Arby's brings back boneless wings to the menu, photo provided by Arby's /

While the meats might always be on the menu, the fan favorite Arby’s boneless wings are back. Available in Buffalo and Hot Honey BBQ, the food option is perfect for a small meal or even a side to that roast beef sandwich. Is your mouth salivating yet?

Although the fall season often brings pumpkin flavors, the reality is that chicken wings seem to be the menu the trending menu item. Whether it is a staple for that football watching party or just a craving for bold flavor, many people are placing order after order. Hopefully, someone has extra napkins on hand.

Previously, Arby’s had chicken wings on the menu. While certain beef sandwiches will always be front and center at the quick service restaurant, the chicken wings’ return is due to fans’ response. Combining flavor and value, the food choice had people vocal about wanting to order it again.

Arby's boneless wings in buffalo flavor
Arby’s brings back boneless wings to the menu, photo provided by Arby’s /

Speaking to the menu item’s return, Ellen Rose, Chief Marketing Officer of Arby’s, said, “We’ve had such a great fan response each time boneless wings have been on our menu, and we know that Buffalo and Hot Honey BBQ are both flavors that our guests crave. We have two popular items on the menu that already feature the Buffalo sauce – the Buffalo Crispy Chicken Sandwich and Buffalo Chicken Slider – and we’re so excited to extend the beloved sauce to our boneless wings while simultaneously bringing the of-the-moment Hot Honey BBQ flavor back to the menu for every boneless wing lover to enjoy.”

The six-piece boneless chicken wings are sauced and tossed to order. While some people might be love that classic Buffalo flavor, it is the Hot Honey BBQ that is making people take notice. Combining honey, guajillo, ancho de arbol and chipotle peppers, the sweet and the heat are the predominate notes. Without being overpowering, the flavor’s use of zesty lime and hint of smoke bring a layered effect that allows the flavor to linger in the best possible way.

The Arby’s boneless wings are sold as six wings with a small fry for only $6. The cost effective food order could get even more people to place that first order and might have them coming back for more.

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