Wendy’s transforms the nacho platter into the ultimate Loaded Nacho Cheeseburger

Wendy's adds Loaded Nacho Cheeseburger, photo provided by Wendy's
Wendy's adds Loaded Nacho Cheeseburger, photo provided by Wendy's /

When Wendy’s launches a new menu item, the planning and care associated with the food addition is tremendous. Beyond looking at flavor trends or customer cravings, the concept needs to be forward leaning and seamlessly fit into that fast food done right belief. With the new Loaded Nacho Cheeseburger and Queso Fries, everyone will be switching to Team Wendy’s this fall because the flavors cannot be beat.

Over the years, the Made To Crave menu has featured a variety of dishes that feel as if they have been plucked from a pub. From the pretzel buns filled with bold flavors to spicy creations that ignite the palate, the offerings are not the typical choices for a quick service restaurant. That decision is and continues to be intentional. A special sauce does not make a burger stand out; it is the complete build that brings people back to order time and again.

Going into the fall, Wendy’s is launching the Loaded Nacho Cheeseburger. The concept transforms that traditional nacho platter into a gigantic bite. Unlike the downside of nachos, where some pieces are just bland, boring chips, this Loaded Nacho Cheeseburger ensures that every mouth full is bursting with flavor.

During a recent media call, John Li, Global Vice President of Culinary Innovation and Jay Drumm, Manager of Culinary Innovation explained how the new menu concept came to be. While Wendy’s has offered menu items higher on the spice scale, this food choice is meant to hit the mid-range, around a 6 out of 10 spice level. While it is approachable to a large audience, everyone can always customize their order at Wendy’s.

Speaking to the Loaded Nacho Cheeseburger, Drumm laid out the components. From the jalapeno cheddar bun to the spicy, smoky chipotle sauce, those flavors are the foundation. The real star is the new Poblano Queso. Combining three peppers into that luscious sauce, it smothers the burger with a tanginess that cannot be beat.

In addition, Wendy’s understands that combining textures is equally important in a well-designed menu concept. With this cheeseburger, there is a crunch from the crispy corn and tortilla strips. The goal was to bring total eating satisfaction and it appears that Wendy’s hit the mark, yet again.

As Jay Drumm, Manager of Culinary Innovation, said, “We’ve spent over 2 years perfecting this sandwich because we wanted to deliver that nacho platter experience that you get when you’re watching a big game, but all in one bite. Competitors are playing with spice or texture, but no one is doing it like Wendy’s does.”

Thinking about this new menu option, the idea leans into Wendy’s commitment to flavor diversity. While the Made to Crave menu might offer big bold flavors, it is equally as important to have the lighter fare. From sweet to savory to spicy, that commitment to fast food done right is celebrated through the menu variety.

Loaded Nacho Cheeseburger with Queso Fries
Wendy’s adds Loaded Nacho Cheeseburger with Queso Fries, photo provided by Wendy’s /

Ready to pair that Wendy’s Loaded Nacho Cheeseburger with Queso Fries?

Recently, Wendy’s has leveraged its Hot and Crispy Fries beyond side dish status. When new menu items have been launched, the fries have not just been the menu compliment but also stand on their own. The new Queso Fries continue that concept.

Speaking to the new Queso Fries, John Li, Global Vice President of Culinary Innovation, “With every Made to Crave sandwich we build, we’re thinking about the complement to that product, and it’s typically loaded fries.”

The new Queso Fries leverages the Poblano Cheese Sauce. While it might have taken more than 20 versions to perfect this dish, the final product was definitely worth it. That sauce makes the Hot and Crispy fries even better.

While the Queso Fries and Loaded Nacho Cheeseburger include that Poblano Cheese Sauce, it isn’t the only way to enjoy that spicy, tangy deliciousness. Since Wendy’s always strives to give guests what they want, consider ordering that sauce with some chicken nuggets. Or, why not order some chicken nuggets, extra sauce, the Queso Fries and build you own dish. Nuggets on top of fries with a nacho cheese sauce is a menu hack that everyone should try.

The new Loaded Nacho Cheeseburger and Queso Fries are available now. Check with restaurants for availability and look at the Wendy’s App for additional food deals.

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