Mayo fan Will Levis snags a huge deal from Hellmann’s Mayonnaise, interview

After his viral mayo-in-coffee stunt, Will Levis has scored a lifetime supply contract with Hellmann’s Mayonnaise
After his viral mayo-in-coffee stunt, Will Levis has scored a lifetime supply contract with Hellmann’s Mayonnaise /

While he might be making big moves on the gridiron, Tennesse Titans rookie quarterback Will Levis has caused quite a stir in the food world. Whether it was his unlikely choice of mayonnaise in coffee or his unabashed love of the sandwich, Levis is never afraid to make his opinions known. As he prepares for the upcoming NFL, Hellmann’s Mayonnaise ensures that he always has a mayo jar in his pantry.

As the first athlete to get this Hellmann’s Mayonnaise deal, Levis sparks a food and sports conversation beyond the stadium. While the tailgate or homegate is full of flavorful choices, being proud of different food combinations should be celebrated. Even if Levis might be one of the few people who has put mayonnaise in his coffee or eats a banana with the skin on, he should never be afraid to put that preference out in the world.

During a recent conversation with Will Levis, as part of this Hellmann’s Mayonnaise partnership, he revealed some more curious food preferences and what Tennesse Titans can expect from the upcoming season.

When asked how he reacted to being the first Hellmann’s Mayonnaise athlete, Levis, said, “It’s a dream come true. I’ve been a legitimate, loyal fan of Hellmann’s since I was a little kid. From putting it on my sandwiches to using it in other ways, it has been so integral to my life. It was really cool that they wanted to work with me, and now I can get it whenever I want, which is a plus.”

Even though the coffee and mayo combination went viral, he said that it is not a habitual or common occurrence in his world. But, he is not going to shame anyone who has learned to love that flavor combination.

Will Levis for Hellmann's Mayonnaise
After his viral mayo-in-coffee stunt, Will Levis has scored a lifetime supply contract with Hellmann’s Mayonnaise /

On the other hand, Levis believes that a great sandwich requires mayonnaise. He said, “I can’t think of a sandwich that doesn’t need mayo. I’m a firm believer that every deli sandwich with deli meats definitely needs mayo on it.”

Although he is a firm believer of mayo on a sandwich, Levis does not have a particular game day food ritual. He said, “I’m not really a superstitious person. In college, we always had the same menu for a pre-game meal. I knew what we were going to get, but sometimes I did change it up.”

“It is funny how superstition and food are connected to the players and the fans. It is another cool thing about this partnership. On game day, I can think of many dishes that include mayonnaise. It makes people happy and gets people cheering for their team. I’ve definitely had mayonnaise on game day.”

Although he will be busy on the field on Sundays, Levis does recommend a good Buffalo Chicken Dip. He thinks that choice is a crowd pleaser. Otherwise, he’s partial to burgers and hot dogs, all with a heaping helping of Hellmann’s Mayonnaise.

And, what does Will Levis have to say about the upcoming Tennesse Titans season? Levis said, “It’s been a great transition and I’ve been lucky enough to join an organization that treats their players and staff with the utmost respect. They are building a winning, positive culture amongst the players and the staff. I’m starting to understand what it means to be an NFL player and I’m figuring out how to manage it every day.”

“While I will not make any predictions, I will say that we are always focused on the next one. We are trying to take advantage of every competitive environment so that we can get better. We want to put our best foot forward every day and hopefully that can reflect positively on our record at the end of the year.”

Could Hellmann’s Mayonnaise be the secret to a successful season? Only time will tell. No matter the outcome, Will Levis will never lose his enthusiasm for the creamy condiment.

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