Coco Gauff and Barilla serve love one meal at a time

Coco Gauff for Barilla, photo provided by Barilla
Coco Gauff for Barilla, photo provided by Barilla /

While Flushing Meadow is about to come alive with some of the best serves, volleys, and smashes, Coco Gauff and Barilla are serving another type of love. Although love might mean nothing in the tennis world, this love serving is full of deliciousness and heart on the family table.

Athletes understand that strong nutritional choices can fuel their on court endeavors. Even though everyone has a favorite food or even a cheat day, the reality is that focusing on balanced option can fit into any and every lifestyle. In a way, it is a choice to love yourself and the process.

With Barilla, the brand appreciates that pasta can fit in many people’s food habits. From the weekend swimmer who needs to fuel up for that two hour practice to the tennis player who needs the energy to power through the third set, the reality is that there are plenty of options on the shelf to try. More importantly, it can be that family dinner after a long day or a quick bite in between that long list of activities.

Ahead of this year’s US Open tennis championships, Barilla and Coco Gauff have joined forces to spread a little love. The campaign, Barilla Serving Love, is a way to bring to bring a Barilla Chickpea and Red Lentil pasta meal kit to families’ tables.

Coco Gauff for Barilla
Coco Gauff for Barilla, photo provided by Barilla /

Speaking to this partnership, Coco Gauff said, “As an athlete, pasta is a staple in my diet as it provides the balanced nutrition and functional fuel I need on and off the court. I’m excited about the work Barilla and I are doing to bring quality food choices to dinner tables – especially Barilla’s one ingredient Chickpea and Red Lentil pastas.”

While some people might only dream of being able to hit some of Gauff’s baseline shots, anyone can make a delicious meal featuring the pasta. From the person who wants a vegetable forward choice to the cook who wants versatility on the plate, these pasta options are that solution.

Although the Barilla Serving with Love campaign is a fun play on words given the tennis connection, the reality is that any meal served with intention is full of love. Many people use food as their way of connecting with others. It might be a simple pasta dish, a traditional Sunday dinner, or an elaborate feast. No matter how it is served, there is meaning served with every bite.

Want to have the opportunity to join that serving of love? Head to the now through August 30 for a chance to win and more information.

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