Maestro Dobel Ace Paloma makes a big impression at the US Open

Maestro Dobel Ace Paloma for the US Open, photo provided by Maestro Dobel Tequila
Maestro Dobel Ace Paloma for the US Open, photo provided by Maestro Dobel Tequila /

As the tennis champions take to the courts at the US Open, the Maestro Dobel Ace Paloma scores a big win with guests as the tournament’s official tequila. That bright, refreshing flavor slices off the perfect sip for those warm days and breezy nights. From watching the action inside an Arthur Ashe box or raising a victory toast at home, this tequila cocktail is a winner.

The US Open might be the last Grand Slam of the calendar year, but it is often the most exciting of the four championship tennis tournaments. Whether it is the night matches that get the crowd cheering or all the food and beverage options around Flushing Meadows, the two-weeks are the perfect end to summer.

For the 2023 US Open, Maestro Dobel is the official tequila of the tournament. While the players might not be sipping on that Mexican spirit while on court, fans are excited to try the Maestro Dobel Ace Paloma and a variety of other beverage offerings.

Speaking to this partnership, Juan Dobel, Founder of Maestro Dobel Tequila said, “As an 11th generation tequila maker, I take great pride in the mastery and precision with which we craft our award-winning Maestro Dobel tequilas. Each year, we see that same passion and dedication on display in the competition at the US Open, so we are incredibly proud to announce Maestro Dobel – creator of the world’s first Cristalino – as the first ‘Official Tequila’ of this iconic tournament. As the number one ultra-premium tequila in Mexico and one of the fastest-growing globally, we are excited to share our range of extraordinary tequilas with tennis fans in New York, and continue the acceleration of the tequila category with an international audience.”

Maestro Dobel Ace Paloma for the US Open
Maestro Dobel Ace Paloma for the US Open, photo provided by Maestro Dobel Tequila /

While initial glance at the bottle might make people think that the tequila is similar to other blanco offerings on the shelf that assumption is misguided. The colorless, crystal appearance holds a nuanced flavor that drinkers need to rediscover. Although the color is lacking, the flavor is always front of mind.

When used in a cocktail, the Cristalino characteristics allow the other ingredients to shine. In a paloma, it is the brightness of the grapefruit and the sweetness from the sparkling soda that make this cocktail refreshing.

Tennis fans will be able to enjoy the Maestro Dobel Ace Paloma, in a co-branded souvenir cup, throughout the US Open. In addition, there will be other tequila cocktails available.

For those unable to head out to Flushing Meadows, Pebble Bar, Crown Shy, Dante, Barbuto and Casa Enrique will be serving the specialty cocktail during the tournament’s duration. Or, anyone can shake up their own version at home.

Maestro Dobel Tequila is available at variety of retailers. Check with stores for pricing.

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