Subway soars with its flying footlong restaurant in the sky

Subway flying footlong restaurant, photo provided by Subway
Subway flying footlong restaurant, photo provided by Subway /

Unique restaurant locales get noticed and the new flying footlong restaurant is a way for Subway to soar above the competition. At this special table, the dining experience is definitely an elevated one. Ready to enjoy a Deli Hero Sub at the Subway in the Sky?

Over the past several years, Subway has been transforming its brand. From offering new bread choices to adapting the menu with more robust flavors, the reality is that the quick service restaurant appreciates that it needs to engage diners. While the loyal customer might always place that favorite order, getting new and former diners to come to the table is vital.

Although the free food promotions had people lining up to get that first taste, that bite needs to make people hungry for more. Even though it can be convenient to grab that sub and go, others want to something more from their eating experience. As many people have come to appreciate, the FOMO social media share is just as important as the taste.

With the Subway in the Sky, the flying footlong restaurant is Subway’s way to bring huge attention to its new Deli Hero Subs. Even though a tire brand might have their iconic blimps, this floating food experience will have people talking long after the image disappears beyond the horizon.

The Beast Subway's floating footlong restaurant
The Beast Subway’s floating footlong restaurant, photo provided by Subway /

Named The Beast, the 180 foot-long footlong holds a floating restaurant. While the guests will not be traveling great distances, the mid-air dining experience will have people talking.

Although many people would happily book a table at this 6-person dining event, it is only stopping at a handful of locations. Specifically, the floating footlong restaurant will be in Kansas City, Atlanta, Orlando and Miami. The flights will accommodate up to 40 Subway fans per day and they will enjoy a sub while hovering about 1,000 feet above the ground.

While only a handful of people will eat in the clouds, the promotion is a fun way to get more people excited about the new Deli Hero Subs. Although it might not be “it’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s The Beast from Subway” moment, the reality is that seeing a unique food promotion gets people excited and hungry for more.

In a world where it is harder and hard to stand out in a crowd, this fun promotion accomplishes that task. Plus, for the lucky few who get to experience the flying footlong restaurant, let’s hope that the social media shares are on point. Maybe there will be a discussion on whether that Deli Hero sub tastes differently while floating above the ground.

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